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Lee Belzberg

Every morning, he visualizes where he wants to be, and how he can achieve it. He takes 20 minutes to himself to say affirmations and listen to a podcast—usually on his morning walk before the workday begins. He’s a strong believer in the idea that movement helps benefit our mental state, and he’s a fierce advocate for self-care. Meet Lee Belzberg, the co-founder of Frame Fitness, who’s raising the bar with a revolutionary Pilates reformer that’s transforming the way Pilates is practiced. Lee began his career working as a financial advisor at London Life, where he helped clients with wealth management and pension programs. He later partnered with The Consulting House and Summit Wealth Advisory Group, where he drove business to new heights with an innovative method of consolidation that brought substantial cost improvements for clients. Today, along with Frame Fitness co-founder, Melissa Bentivoglio, Lee is merging his business expertise and passion for wellness to make in-home Pilates more accessible with a lightweight, space-friendly, seamless design. As they prepare for the public unveiling of Frame, the buzz is already growing. Named among Built In LA’s 2022 Startups to Watch in 2022, the company has garnered the attention of A-list entrepreneurs and support from investors and fitness industry pioneers Mark Mastrov and Michael Bruno that saw them quickly surpass their initial $5 million funding goal.

Cutting-edge and modern, Frame was designed to elevate any space, with patent-pending technology that amplifies the workout experience. Offering digitally connected, instructor-led Pilates with on-demand and live classes, it’s already been named Best Reformer of 2022 by Women’s Health and has been featured in POPSUGAR, Well+Good, Men’s Health Journal, Forbes, and a multitude of other publications. It was also one of three brands named to Jaclyn Johnson’s venture capital firm and brand incubator, New Money Ventures. In an industry that hasn’t been disrupted in over a century, the time is ripe for innovation, and Frame Fitness is doing just that. The key, according to Lee, is simple: “Life is short. Surround yourself with people that elevate you and you will achieve more!” 

Lee holds a BA in political science and government from Dalhousie University.

Lee Belzberg

Co-Founder — Frame Fitness

Website: www.framefitness.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lee-belzberg-7831301b/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/framereformer/

Instagram: @lbelzberg and @framereformer