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Leon D. Lopez, MBA, LMSW


Leon D. Lopez is the CEO and co-founder of Lion Wolf Solutions and Onyx Analytics, two behavioral healthcare companies based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Leon has been a leader in finance for the last two decades, spending the last ten years focusing primarily on the behavioral health industry.


Leon began his journey in finance as a financial advisor, working with individuals and businesses, primarily focusing on investments and insurance needs. It was here that Leon learned what he calls the art of finance. “In college, I learned the science of finance, focusing on the what is of any financial situation. As a financial advisor, I was able to focus on the what can be of any financial situation—the art of finance. My passion is in combining the science and art of finance to improve any financial situation,”  Leon states.


This same philosophy has translated well to behavioral health care. Leon holds master’s degrees in both social work and business administration and is a licensed psychotherapist. For nearly a decade, Leon held chief financial officer positions in a range of behavioral health settings, from governmental agencies to small nonprofits and large publicly traded corporations. This rather unique ability to understand the needs of the behavioral healthcare industry, both from the clinical perspective, as a licensed therapist, and the financial perspective, as a CFO, led Leon to co-found two businesses focused on behavioral health, Lion Wolf Solutions and Onyx Analytics. 


Lion Wolf Solutions provides evidence-based treatment to those suffering from substance use disorders and mental health issues via a secure telehealth platform. “By utilizing technology, we can reach clients anywhere in the state. People in need no longer have to drive several hours just to see a therapist,” Leon adds. Onyx Analytics focuses on helping behavioral health organizations achieve the financial success and stabilization needed to allow them to continue their mission of meeting the behavioral health needs of their communities. “There are so many amazing organizations providing lifesaving services to countless members of our community. Our mission is to help these organizations optimize their financial position so that they can focus on helping people in need of their services,” Leon shares.

Through in-depth analysis, customized financial training, and on-demand fractional CFO services, Onyx works with providers to stabilize, maintain, and expand their financial well-being and knowledge.


Leon D. Lopez, MBA, LMSW

Co-Founder & CEO — Lion Wolf Solutions, LLC & Onyx Analytics, LLC

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