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Leon Tepper

Leon Tepper is an investment specialist with Tepper’s List, one of North America’s largest and most popular stock advisory services. He is a finance professional with nearly two decades of experience, a lifelong fascination with the markets, and a passionate champion of individual investors. He is renowned for his extensive technical expertise, insightful chart analysis, and an astounding record of successful investments—more than 80 percent of his picks since 2008 have been profitable for his Tepper’s List subscribers. This is the unique story of how a young college grad turned a day-trading hobby into a successful stock advisory firm that has helped individual investors thrive for over a decade. “I believe deeply in helping people build their own wealth through next-generation investing strategies, and I’m also an advocate of educating investors so they understand exactly how these investments work for them,” he explains.

Leon’s journey to the founding of Tepper’s List in 2008 began seven years earlier, in 2001. Fresh out of college and armed with a master’s degree in economics and a bachelor’s degree in finance, he was a young man on a mission to take his financial destiny into his own hands. He gathered his savings and jumped into the world of day trading. “I was no different than most people. I was so excited I couldn’t sleep at night. Just like everyone else, I wanted to make big money, and I wanted it fast!” he shares. Although he was successful, his excitement quickly waned as he realized that the risks—and the stress—outweighed the rewards. He threw himself into researching and analyzing charts and strategies, and, in 2005, abandoned day trading for investing in 2005.

When Leon’s father discovered that the rate of return of son’s investments was outpacing those managed by his own financial advisor, he fired his advisor and enlisted his 23-year-old son to take over the managing of his money. “I was shocked! My father wanted to hand me his life savings to manage,” he recalls. Soon he was managing funds in excess of $500,000 for other family members. His success quickly caught the attention of high-roller investors outside the family, who encouraged him to start a website of his own. “I had discovered a very unique and distinctive way of analyzing the markets. It all started off as a hobby, learning various methods of market analysis, and the only thing that seemed to really work and speak to me was finding my own set of principles.”

With the motto, “It is our goal to double our members’ portfolios within two to three years of signing up with us!” Tepper’s List was born, where Leon shares his knowledge, expertise, and valuable insight through a biweekly newsletter packed with information that covers a spectrum of investing aspects and stock recommendations. “We want to give people the opportunity to manage their own money, without the fees of a stock broker,” he explains. Tepper’s List offers three services: Investment Forget Report, which focuses on trading “vehicle” stocks that are going to go much higher, but the investment time takes longer; Tepper’s Turnaround Stocks, stocks that are beaten up; and Mega Hot Stock Report, higher-risk stocks, with the possibility of a faster outcome.

“We like to use a risk-versus-rewards of three to one. When buying any stock, there is a reward and also a risk. Many investors are not aware of it and are willing to risk much more than they’re willing to make. This three-to-one means if you are planning to make 10k on a stock, you should not be willing to risk more than 3k. This is an important aspect for investors all over that are neglecting this aspect of investing. I am not willing to risk 10k to make 1k—a one-to-one risk and reward,” he explains.

Known for his meticulous research, Leon helps people not only make money in raging bull markets, but fortify their financial futures during brutal bear markets and extraordinary economic downturns. “The fact of the matter is that it’s extremely challenging to be a successful investor, but it’s not impossible. I am so pleased to share my expertise, passion, and commitment with a bigger group of individual investors.”


Leon Tepper

Investment Specialist — Tepper’s List


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