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Ruvin Levavi & Mikaela Scanlon

With his background as an estate planning attorney, a decade as a financial advisor, and hailing from a family with 40 years in the financial services industry, Ruvin Levavi has been immersed in the financial and estate planning world. From the outset his mission has been to help clients reach their personal financial goals while creating generational wealth. In Ruvin’s view, the financial industry had evolved to meet the bottom-line goals of advisors and their firms rather than those of their clients. As the founder and principal of Power Forward Group, Ruvin set out to build a financial and estate planning practice focused firmly on helping his clients identify and achieve their goals.

“Success begins with a plan; the returns will follow.” Graduating from Fordham University School of Law, Ruvin understood the importance of having a plan when it came to his client’s estates and realized the same model needed to be extended to their financial goals. No self-respecting attorney would draft a will or a trust without a comprehensive estate plan, financial advisors must be held to the same standard.  According to Ruvin, investing without a plan is akin to picking stocks out of a hat. In Ruvin’s view, the financial services industry is a tale of two extremes: It’s an archaic system of Agents who model their practice on selling financial products, or self-titled “Wealth Managers” only helping clients who meet a specific minimum net worth threshold. Clients are targeted by what they have rather than who they are. Power Forward Group was designed to “disrupt the paradigm.”

Having graduated from Law-School in 2009, overwhelmed with student debt during a generational recession, Ruvin personally experienced a financial services world ill-equipped for clients like him. Optimistically viewing himself as an undervalued asset with a negative net-worth – not exactly the type of client meeting the minimums for traditional wealth managers - Ruvin set out to serve clients with similar challenges.  Creating Power Forward Group as an independent practice allowed Ruvin to alter the traditional model. At PFG their goal is to “help our clients invest in their personal financial success while we invest in them”. As value investors, PFG aims to begin working with clients as early as possible. They cultivate smart, talented clients with the hunger and vision to grow. The firm’s motto: The faster you grow, the faster we grow.

The Power Forward Group team has been expanding rapidly. The growth is based on a two-pronged approach. PFG’s continued embrace of fintech allows the team to provide increased real time coaching and support to their clients. According to Ruvin this trend will accelerate as Power Forward Group leverages technology powered by advisors. Their advisor-centric model is just as important to continued growth. Adding advisors who are passionate about the markets in which they advise has organically created amazing networks. The group’s advisors naturally become thought leaders and experts in their specific markets. This approach has allowed Power Forward Group to specifically tailor their planning process in collaboration with their clients. The success is evident in their work with attorneys, dentists, and the EmpowHer community. According to Ruvin, “we work with extremely bright clients, our collaborative planning process is not designed to create financial plans and portfolios for our clients but rather with them.

Power Forward Group is headquartered in New York City and works with clients and advisors across the country.


Mikaela Scanlon, Power Forward Group’s managing director, began her career in financial advisory after graduating from the Stillman School of Business at Seton Hall University with a triple major in finance, management, and marketing.

Always striving to do more, Mikaela has blended her multi-faceted skillset to support her clients and help PFG’s team of advisors grow. Mikaela realized quickly that most advisors only wanted to work with people who already had accumulated a lot of assets, rather than those getting started building their wealth.

Seeing the need for financial advice for people at all stages of their lives and careers, Mikaela began her own blog and website providing education for the people she felt needed it the most; women and young professionals.

Joining Power Forward Group has allowed Mikaela to enhance the firm’s experience by combining her management and marketing expertise with her background in finance. As managing director, Mikaela is responsible for the daily operations of the team as well as providing the highest quality of service for all of the clients they work with. Her primary goal is changing the way people view financial advisors and finance in general.

Mikaela has found that many of her peers are uncomfortable speaking about their finances. This silence can hinder them from reaching their financial dreams. As a millennial herself, she sees the need for people of all ages to learn from each other and be open about the challenges they face.

One way in which she encourages the conversation is through organizing and hosting events like Empow{Her} Happy Hours and Wine & Wealth programs. These events have created a community of women empowered to share their own ‘money story’. These communities provide its members belonging and confidence to live their best life. The shared experience helps fabulous women better take control of their finances while having a great time together.

Aside from the in-person events Mikaela organizes for PFG, she also aids all of the advisors on the team with their digital presence. The aim is to allow all clients access to the team and to information pertinent to them whenever they need it.

Mikaela maintains an active blog for PFG as well as all social media accounts. Reinforcing Power Forward Group’s commitment to “technology powered by advisors”, all of their clients have their accounts linked in one place on their app and web portal. In real time, people are able to see how they are tracking toward their goals and also have all of their important estate documents in a secure vault.

Power Forward Group is headquartered in New York City and works with clients and advisors across the country.

2 Park Ave, Suite 300, New York, NY 10016

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