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Levi Wanner

The state of Montana is known for its picturesque beauty, from the glorious Rocky Mountains to the Great Plains, where horses still run wild, and ranchers and cowboys are a large part of the local culture. It conjures an image of sprawling cattle farms and big skies, but life in Montana is as varied as its landscape. Juxtaposed against the panoramic scenery lies the “Magic City” of Billings, the state’s largest and fastest-growing metropolis that brings together a thriving cultural and arts mecca filled with theaters, galleries, and nightlife, and a flourishing business center, alongside a nature-lovers paradise of outdoor activities. It offers rural, urban, and suburban neighborhoods with apartment buildings and single-family homes, and everything in between. At the center of it all is Levi Wanner, who believes that everyone deserves luxury, and through his real estate and custom home building company, Infinity Homes, he’s delivering on his promise.

Levi founded Infinity Homes in 2008 with a mission to build custom homes and subdivisions that were functional and affordable for people and families at all stages of their lives. It was a vision that began in the early stages of his career as a maintenance worker for an apartment complex, and one he nurtured over his 20 years as a builder and a realtor. And as someone who saw firsthand the common problems and unmet needs of homeowners, Levi had the knowledge, insight, and experience to ensure that his company would be more attentive and better serve the needs of buyers, as well as the community. In essence, Infinity Homes is a fusion of Levi’s lifelong passion for improving the standard of living and his talent for building beautiful homes.

To date, Infinity Homes has built over 400 homes and the majority of entire luxury subdivisions throughout Billings, including Copper Ridge, Vintage Estates, and High Sierra. For the past two years, Levi has managed to not only oversee all the operations of the company, but he did it while also working as a realtor for Oakland & Co., which specializes in real estate sales, construction, land development, and management of residential communities throughout the Western states. It’s a significant undertaking, but Levi is more than equipped to handle it—and he’s loving every minute of it.

We spoke with Levi to learn more about his thriving company and how he’s addressing the evolving needs of the Montana housing market.

Levi, first tell us a little bit more about Infinity Homes and why you started the company.

I was working for another contractor and loved the process. I wanted to get out and do it for myself. I had the entrepreneurial experience and the creative vision, plus, I like the physical labor and getting my hands in the dirt. I really wanted to bring luxury to the masses. It shouldn’t be limited to the uber wealthy. I started the company with this in mind. We specialize in new subdivisions and individual homes—and ours are not cookie-cutter houses. They’re completely customized to our clients’ individual personalities and lifestyles. When you’re building a home, it’s a long process, so we get really close to our clients, and we do customer appreciation events that a lot of the families attend. I feel like I was born to do this.

You’re literally in the trenches of the home-building process, from contract signing to construction to completion. Why do you choose to remain hands-on?

I feel like our clients appreciate that we’re on site and directing every phase of the process, from managing subcontractors to hiring vendors—and we always use local talent. Quality means everything to us and we stake our longstanding reputation on it, so I want to be involved in every aspect of the business.

You started your career as a maintenance worker in an apartment complex. This gave you a very intimate glimpse into what buyers want. Tell us more about this.

Yes, I handled a lot of rentals and many of the tenants shared their experiences. Some were complaints and some were suggestions about what could be improved, but most just expressed their dreams of owning an attractive home that met their needs and conveyed their unique personality. Maybe it was a custom kitchen with a farm sink or high-tech appliances, or maybe it was a certain style of home. Overall, I learned that everyone, regardless of their income or family size, wanted to live in a beautiful home, but one that also appreciates how real families function.

What is it about home building that excites you?

The mere fact that we’re getting a family into a home and building their legacy is super exciting. I love seeing clients return to us to build their second, third, and even fourth homes. Whether their families grow, or their needs just change, they trust us to deliver again, the way we did the first time. I also love being able to express myself creatively and analytically. Customization requires a comprehensive knowledge of what’s available, what will work, and what will look good, but also what fits with our client’s lifestyle and personality. For instance, since we have a significant portion of aging buyers, we do a lot of single-level homes. It’s all about knowing the people you’re serving and then building to suit them. The entire process never fails to motivate and inspire me to keep growing.

What led you to become a realtor for Oakland & Co.?

I joined Oakland & Co. in 2019, but I’d already been a realtor for 15 years. They’re the largest developer in Montana and I was already buying vacant lots from them to build on, and it turned into a perfect match. One of the benefits of being a builder and an agent is that I can develop and sell property, which creates a really unique, full-spectrum customer experience.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

Running my business is definitely my passion and taking care of our clients through the whole journey. When we build someone their dream home, there is no greater feeling.

Levi serves as vice president of the Home Builders Association, president of Habitat for Humanity in Billings, and a board member of the RPAC committee for realtors in Billings.


Levi Wanner
Owner, Infinity Homes
Realtor, Oakland & CO. Real Estate

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