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Leyan appears in the Top 100 

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Leyan Phillips


After graduating from Cambridge University with a degree in Japanese, Leyan began his career at a Tokyo-based marketing and communications agency, servicing the automotive, financial services, and tech industries. Returning to London after five years, he continued working in brand and marketing and co-founded the UK’s first conveyer belt sushi bar chain. After honing his global branding skills with Vodafone, Leyan moved into luxury retail at Harrods, where he ran customer marketing and learned about the importance of understanding the ‘Voice of the Customer.’ “What was great was being able to walk downstairs onto the shop floor and immediately see the impact of marketing campaigns on the customer journey, and what influences their decision-making process,” he noted.


Leveraging the skills and experience he’d gained in consumer marketing, Leyan set his sights on disrupting the healthcare industry, and after five years working at US healthcare giant Humana, he co-founded Bluedoor, a growth agency that helps digital health companies bring their products to market. Reaching across the healthcare and life sciences spectrum, Bluedoor works with start-ups and enterprises, helping them better understand their target audience and how to drive innovation to impact. “At heart, I’m a storyteller, helping brands articulate who they are, what they stand for, why they’re different, and why people should trust them,” Leyan explained. He also co-founded DHIT (the Digital Health Institute for Transformation), a nonprofit that supports population health improvement through digital enablement.



Leyan Phillips

Co-Founder & CEO — Bluedoor


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