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Liam Murray

Liam Murray is CEO and founder of Build-Apps, a proptech company that provides a single source of truth for commercial real estate portfolio data. Build-Apps is a Microsoft Integrated Services Vendor (ISV) headquartered in Brisbane, Australia. Liam’s technological brainchild, Build-Apps, is a cloud-based Microsoft 365-integrated, smart real estate portfolio solution for the built environment designed to help commercial real estate owners and property developers identify sustainability-improvement pathways to achieve their specific goals. Born 18 months ago from Liam’s sister company, Building-Performance, Build-Apps has already executed over 100 deployments supporting $4 billion in assets for their clients, including 25 real estate investment trusts and funds, and property portfolio owners. Together, his two companies have assisted property owners in managing over $52 billion worth of property.

As Build-Apps enters its launch onto the global stage, we sat down with Liam to learn more about the company and how they’re helping their clients thrive in an ever-changing industry.

What is Build-Apps, and how are you helping your clients?

Simply put, we provide property owners with a single source of truth for the data relating to their property portfolio. Our clients are managing multiple properties, massive developments, and large real estate portfolios. We deeply appreciate that time is money for them, and access to accurate, real-time information is absolutely imperative. Build-apps improves efficiency, productivity, and cybersecurity, and gives our clients clear insight into forecasting and business into the future—all in a single platform. With our app, ADAMM, the data is transformed into a vital asset and can assist with strategic planning.

For example, before adopting Build-Apps, asset managers, developers, and sustainability professionals were all working on separate platforms and data was scattered everywhere, making it difficult, time-consuming, and frustrating for all the various departments to access critical information in a timely manner. After the implementation of Build-Apps, all departments—finance, management, leasing, development, engineering, etc.—are now working on a single platform, making it fast and easy to access the data they need in real time.

How does your expertise across IT, engineering, and real estate help your clients, and how did it culminate into the idea for Build-Apps?

I’ve been in the IT and engineering fields for 14 years now, and as managing director of my other company, Building-Performance, I’ve been advising clients for six years on energy and environmental performance within the built environment to ensure building performance is optimized. As a mechanical engineer focused on building services and sustainability, I give builders advice on what they’re doing. I work for developers, architects, and others to design or improve concepts and give guidance on how to adhere to LEED standards in the U.S. (Greenstar in Australia). I also help improve existing buildings.

The idea to merge my expertise in all three areas to form Build-Apps and to develop our app, ADAMM, emerged from frustration—mine and my clients—in asking them for information that I needed to help them, but they were unable to find it because it was spread across different systems, platforms, and spreadsheets. It became clear to me that what the industry needed was, as I mentioned, a single source of truth—easy access to all information—and a team of experts to help clients implement and customize it for their specific needs.

After five years of work to develop ADAMM, and then testing it with some of the biggest property groups in Australia—Lendlease, Stockland, JLL—who adopted it and have been using it now for the last two or three years—I founded Build-Apps to bring it, first, to the entire Australian industry, and now to the U.S. and global markets.

Who can use Build-Apps, and how do you help them implement it?

Anyone who has Microsoft 365 can use it. We go into their 365 environment and configure it and put in a structure to improve their asset management and sustainability. It gives our clients a structured database and a single source of truth, so they own the data and have control over who has access to it. We build dashboards and other tools customized to their specific needs. We have a team of solution architects, software developers, engineers, and real estate professionals who work closely with them to put the data control and integrity in the hands of the property owners and we act as integrated ongoing support and training partners. Customization is critical, as each client has very specific needs and goals, but, surprisingly, it’s not offered in the traditional software world. Customization is at the core of both our app and our implementation.

You put a tremendous amount of time and work into developing ADAMM and launching Build-Apps, all while running Building-Performance. How does it feel to be on the cusp of a global launch?

We’ve proudly served, and will continue to serve, our clients across Australia. To now be able to provide property owners in the U.S.—and worldwide—with a single source of truth for the data relating to their portfolio makes the effort all worthwhile.


Liam Murray

CEO/Founder — Build-Apps

Manly, Queensland, Australia

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