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Linda Willis

From protecting assets in retirement to making sure families are financially stable, Linda Willis helps position her clients for success. Leveraging knowledge gleaned from personal experience and expertise from over three decades in business, she helps people protect their health and

their wealth. As a managing representative with Transamerica Agency, Linda helps clients with strategizing to ensure their retirement plans are on track. She also mentors others who are just getting started by sharing lessons learned. With just three years in the business, Linda has

already earned a host of accolades, including the Top of the Pyramid Award, Peak Performance Award, Community Impact Award, and Red Shoe Club distinction. Her first year in the industry, she was named to the Million Dollar Round Table—a rare achievement, and one that

foreshadowed a remarkable career driven by her determination to succeed and her desire to help others thrive.


Prior to joining Transamerica Agency, Linda spent over 34 years in many different corporate roles from administrative to sales and finally in an executive leadership role. Following a merger, the unexpected happened and her job was eliminated. Linda knows what it’s like to go from stability to uncertainty and start over in a brand-new career. Now in finance, this personal insight and experience allows Linda to put herself in her clients’ shoes and help to prevent them from going through what she’s been through. “Helping to solve problems and making sure

they’re protected is what I enjoy most about working with people,” she says. 



Linda Willis

Managing Rep — Transamerica Agency


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