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Lindsey Corbin

Lindsey Corbin, a distinguished figure in the trademark industry, has amassed a wealth of experience spanning over 15 years. Throughout her career, she has masterfully managed international trademark portfolios, crafted robust brand protection programs, and implemented highly effective legal billing guidelines for in-house legal teams. Currently, she holds the positions of founder and CEO at, a virtual IP paralegal firm specializing in trademark, copyright, patent matters, and docketing services. Under Lindsey's dynamic leadership, offers invaluable support to over 100 attorneys and small firms across the United States.


Prior to founding, Lindsey served as the vice president of contracts and franchise administration at Outlier, a private equity firm in Phoenix. Her academic achievements include bachelor’s degrees in legal studies and psychology, postgraduate work in communication studies, and a paralegal certificate from Emory University. Her expertise is further evidenced by the publication of her article in the International Trademark Association Trademark Bulletin.


Lindsey is acutely aware of the power of efficiency, as underscored by a 2016 Northwestern study revealing that delegating legal work can boost earnings by more than 20%. At, Lindsey and her team handle the intricate details, liberating attorneys to concentrate on strategic aspects like marketing, client acquisition, persuasive argumentation, and achieving a harmonious work-life balance. Their comprehensive support, from meticulous document drafting, client relationship management, and invaluable billing assistance, has made them indispensable to attorneys navigating the intricate terrain of intellectual property law.



Lindsey Corbin
Founder and CEO


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