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Lindsey McGuire


Lindsey McGuire is blazing a trail through the industry to help—and possibly save—one of the most underserved markets in the country—American farmers. With five years of expertise in real estate and property management with a focus on the construction space, Lindsey set out to develop a network of brokers, agribusiness experts, financial experts, attorneys, and others to help farmers become better educated about business and real estate choices to prevent their farms from being needlessly sold or lost. For Lindsey, it all stems from a deeply personal place. She grew up on her family’s large, multigenerational Angus cattle farm in the Ozarks, which exposed her to land leases and development since she was a child—as well as the hardships that many farming families faced. Witnessing firsthand the challenges her own family experienced, Lindsey became determined to ensure that they—and others—would never struggle again. “I’ve lived it, and I’ve found throughout my career that there is a major need for representation of people like my family and childhood community. I believe my calling is to use my skills, experience, and understanding to help them reach their goals and leave an honorable legacy through real estate,” she explains.


Lindsey began her professional career not in real estate, but in marketing for the Augusta GreenJackets, born from a love of watching baseball with her father growing up. As fate would have it, her skills soon led her to a commercial real estate brokerage firm. As her real estate career blossomed, covering commercial transactions, construction, business development, and assisting with the management of industrial properties, so, too, did her desire to support the farming community. “Working with industrial business owners is what made me think that maybe I should go back to my roots,” she says. “I’m passionate about helping farmers and ranchers thrive now and for generations to come.”


With this realization came the awareness of the widespread struggles and virtually nonexistent support facing America’s farmers and ranchers. “I realized that the phrase ‘having to sell the farm’ comes from farmers and ranchers not having access to professionals who understand this field of planning. They think they have no choice but to sell the farm.” she says. “They’re losing their retirement, their livelihood, and someone needs to figure this out. People are suffering, but I think this is only an epidemic if we don’t help. My desire is to help them evolve, be agile, and think on their feet to survive, and thrive. This is the type of consultation I want to provide. This is my calling.”


Lindsey’s goal isn’t to simply work with farmers to get them fair deals and provide them with financial and real estate education, she also looks to collaborate with professionals interested in investing in farms, such as agribusiness professionals, attorneys, investment experts, and others who specialize in the niche of agricultural properties. This includes natural food companies and restaurants, who look specifically for locally sourced foods for their stores and farm-to-table menus. This way, she can help farmers look farther afield for business and financial strategies. “Selling the farm isn’t the only option. There are many laws about how property owners can pass down assets, and each grantor should choose the avenue that is best for them. These decisions affect taxes and healthcare, so it’s important to know what rights we might be giving up without knowing it.”


Lindsey currently works as a business development manager at Hill Commercial Construction in Littleton, CO. Her expertise and growing network of professionals has led people from other industries to ask for her help, and she is happy to oblige. “I want to be a person who sees a need and meets it,” she says. “Of course, I encourage people to contact attorneys, financial advisors, CPAs, etc., for expert advice. Having industry allies helps me point them in the right direction.”



Lindsey McGuire

Business Development Manager


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