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Lori Muller

Lori Muller loves to help things grow, whether it's people or the EXIT Realty brand. She knows a thing or two about what it takes to really facilitate that growth thanks to a sales career that started in the 1990’s. Back then she answered an ad in the newspaper to Travel the USA- Fun in the Sun and left Wisconsin to start a door-to-door sales career that molded her leadership style today. Her career in real estate has taken on every possible role over the years, and she has earned a cache of certifications to go with it. 

Lori’s career in real estate began in 2003, soon starting the first real estate team in her city, earning numerous awards along the way. In 2007, she bought the very first EXIT Realty franchise in Wisconsin. During this time, she served as a regional director along with opening multiple brokerages. She was involved in leadership positions at every level with her local, state, and the National Association of REALTORS®, received numerous awards including Broker of the Year for the Central U.S. region and Esprit des Corps for EXIT Realty, and the Excellence in Professionalism award from her local association. At the same time, Lori chartered a network of the National Women’s Council of REALTORS® to fill the need in her area for empowering and educating women in the real estate industry, eventually taking the helm of the organization as state president, regional vice president, and eventually she was elected to the national executive committee. As a John Maxwell-certified mentor, trainer, and coach, she learned that “I must pour into myself so that I can pour into others.”

In 2020, she was appointed vice president of the U.S. organization for EXIT Realty Corp. International by founder and chairman, Steve Morris, a position that was created specifically to reflect Lori’s talents for internal growth. In just a year, she was appointed president of the U.S. organization and promptly sold her brokerages to concentrate strictly on increasing EXIT Realty’s footprint across the United States, in particular, the growth and development of the agents and brokers, and attracting new talent to a company she absolutely loves. “We have a unique formula no one else in the industry has. We are a family disguised as a real estate company. This industry can be cut-throat, but within EXIT, we are collaborators for the success and growth of all. When one grows, we all grow,” she stated with pride. 

Lori plays a direct role in supporting, empowering, and nurturing others not only as an inspiring and authentic leader, but as a mentor, giving them insight and bolstering their confidence to believe in their own capabilities. It’s an experience that keeps on giving back as Lori leads by example when she states, “Invest in you, so you can reinvest into others.” 

“Leadership is about listening to people. When you listen, it gives you the ability to impact people’s lives, inspire them, and influence them to believe in themselves,” she says, “That’s what leadership truly is.”

Lori Muller

President — US Organization @ Exit Realty Corp. International




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