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Luciana Rosu-Sieza

Patience. Perseverance. Progress. These are the three words that have always been at the forefront of Luciana Rosu-Sieza’s journey, both personally and professionally. As a mother, wife, leader, educator, and motivator, Luciana has an undeniable passion for life and all that it entails. A native of Romania, she immigrated to Canada at just four years old. Having lived in Quebec City and Montreal, Luciana spent most of her life in Windsor, ON where she believes in her community and the people who live there. Driven by a deep-rooted desire to help others grow and reach their full potential, Luciana finds fulfillment through motivating and inspiring others. At home, she lives by example and at work she leads by it. “While I’m the messenger, the outstanding, dedicated, passionate team at Bulimia Anorexia Nervosa Association (BANA) does the real work,” she states. Drawn to the organization’s positive messaging around body image and self-esteem, Luciana joined the organization in 2004 as a health educator. “It was a one-year contract, which then led to another eight years as health promotion manager,” she adds.


After eight years in health promotion, and now as executive director of BANA—which just marked its 40th year of service—Luciana has come to view the world through the lens of prevention. “Prevention is paramount to mind and body wellness,” she explains. “More attention and support for prevention would lessen the need for reactive health care and mental health.” During the last 11 years she’s spent in the role, Luciana has given thousands of presentations and cultivated countless community partnerships, each anchored by the singular idea of simply making a difference. “Every day is different, and I genuinely believe that I’m here for a reason,” she believes. As a beacon of light in her own right, Luciana is solution-focused and of the mindset that 99% of problems are solvable. “At some point in our lives, we all struggle, whether it is with body image, stress, anxiety, depression, or eating disorders,” she states. “It’s important to remember that when it comes to mental health, you’re never alone.” When she’s not working, Luciana enjoys walking, traveling, and spending time with family and friends. She feels that “balance is everything.”


Luciana attended the University of Windsor.


Luciana Rosu-Sieza

Executive Director — Bulimia Anorexia Nervosa Association (BANA)



Facebook: @BANAWindsor

Instagram: @BANAWindsor

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