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Luke Fleury


Luke Fleury has been a contractor and real estate developer with his company, Fleury Properties, since 2017. He eats, sleeps, and breathes real estate, and in just five years, has done more than $50 million worth of real estate developments. That incredible, continuing success is in part due to Luke’s diligence in finding the best deals on services and materials. “It can translate into millions in revenue,” he explains. But he knows well that finding the best pricing can also be a hassle, with countless hours of scouting out the lowest rates on projects and materials, as he’s faced the exhaustive task himself. He knew that contractors and developers everywhere must be facing a similar challenge.


Tired of wasting time searching for deals, in December 2020, Luke co-founded Dibbs Technology, and in the spring of 2022, launched the iOS and Android app-based marketplace designed specifically for contractors. The marketplace connects buyers and sellers of services and materials making it easier to find the right items at the right price and in the right timeframe. “A lot of contractors are inundated with projects,” Luke says, “and the process often requires multiple searches, which takes a lot of time.” Dibbs allows for extra customization and ensures that postings reach a wide network of contractors, suppliers, homeowners, and more, while simultaneously reducing friction in the bidding, buying, and selling processes. By being able to connect these tradesmen, suppliers, and homeowners, users can source bids more efficiently saving time and money on all sides.


Dibbs is available to homeowners, contractors, and suppliers across the U.S. After less than a year in operation, the Dibbs app is already being used by over 1,000 contractors, several hundred suppliers, and several hundred homeowners. Dibbs also won the American Business Association’s Stevie Awards Startup of the Year for 2022 and was featured in a national Google Play campaign highlighting new apps in the U.S.


Luke may not have a tech background—his degree from the University of Rhode Island is in economics—but he knows what people in real estate and construction need on multiple levels. “I made this app easy to use for contractors like myself who are hesitant to use technology,” he says. “These issues are close to my heart.”


Luke Fleury

CEO & Co-Founder — Dibbs Technology





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