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2018 Top 100 People in Real Estate

Mackenzie Moser is an agent/broker with The Moser Group, Inc., a North Carolina based provider of commercial real estate services. Mackenzie is primarily focused on community development, property management, and brokerage operations. On a daily basis, she engages in the acquisition and leasing of largescale properties such as shopping centers, industrial parks, and office plazas.

The Moser Group Inc. currently has over 40 projects going through entitlements or under development. These projects include 250,000+ SF shopping centers, high-density, mixed-use projects, 500,000+ SF industrial parks, 300+ acres of single family residential projects, and several townhome projects.

Mackenzie believes that there is a need for more women in the commercial real estate and entrepreneurial arenas. She fosters an attitude that encourages women who are passionate and bold, goal-driven, risk takers to stand up for themselves and devote their lives to possibilities that are bigger than themselves. One of Mackenzie’s long-term goals is to create a camp in Montana to provide an experience similar to that of her youth.  

While there were many inspirations for Mackenzie’s career choice, she credits her father (and best friend) for his unwavering support and mentorship. Working with him now, in a company that has had such a positive impact on so many people, is a dream come true for her.

Mackenzie’s interest in development began at a young age, after learning of her father’s upbringing in low-income housing projects. Dennis Moser and his two siblings were raised by Mackenzie’s grandmother, a single parent who worked three jobs. In spite of these humble beginnings, Dennis worked hard and persevered, overcoming many obstacles to realize his dream.  

Growing up, Mackenzie witnessed how her father’s passion and drive impacted others and saw how he forever changed the lives of his family and those around him. She is both enthusiastic and equipped to employ the same degree of effort and dedication to make communities better places to live, work, and play.

Mackenzie earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, with a concentration in marketing and finance, from Clemson University. After college, she worked with Cushman & Wakefield, as a broker of industrial real estate.

Away from the demands of her career, Mackenzie maintains an active philanthropic profile by supporting projects that benefit the local community. She also enjoys playing tennis, outdoor adventures, scuba diving, and family time.

Favorite Quote: “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney 

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