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Manuel Peña

Business tycoon and philanthropist, Manuel Peña, president and founder of Peña Architecture and Engineering Corp., has earned crowning achievements in architectural design, investing, real estate, and planning development globally, making him one of the most fruitful entrepreneurs under the age of 40 in his field. Manuel is a well-organized and creative architect with successful national business experience in the design and construction industry. His skills in architectural design, project and construction management, office and team building, client relations, and public speaking have allowed him and his company to flourish. Since founding Peña Architecture and Engineering Corp. in 2012, Manuel has been instrumental in hundreds of projects in the United States valued in the tens of millions, and in the process, has built contacts with diverse booming business entrepreneurs and clients from across the nation. Recently, he has begun to forge relationships in the international market as well with a major resort project in the Bahamas projected for completion by the end of 2022, which will total to hundreds of millions in revenue.


The success of Peña Architecture and Engineering Corp. is fueled by Manuel’s passion for customer satisfaction and client relations. He first seeks to understand client needs, and then creates detailed designs and action plans that, when implemented, rise above and beyond expected results. “What drives me is how my clients see me bring their vision to life,” he explains. “When they have an idea and can’t express it, and I’m able to see it and bring it to life, first on paper, and then seeing the joy in their face, whether it’s a design for a business or an entrepreneur who wants me to build a futuristic or modern or traditional design for their home.”


As the company collaborates with diverse business and entrepreneurial clientele around the world, specializing in landscape, single-family, multi-family, and custom homes, as well as commercial, industrial, and mixed-use developments, they maintain the goal of creating personal spaces that are challenging yet engaging. Color, texture, light, and proportions come together to encapsulate the ultimate expression of client ideas. The aesthetic elements, the feng shui, the color, and the energy they exude are all important elements of Manuel’s architectural feats. “Yes, architecture and design are science, but, really, truly, they are an art,” he muses.


Echoing the organic architectural philosophy of American architect and designer Frank Lloyd Wright, who believed in designing harmoniously with humanity and the environment to enhance them both through architecture, Manuel is also driven by a philanthropic desire to better the communities that he services. “I’m currently speaking to the local leaders, commissioners, and mayors in Florida to help their people through a program developed by me.  I want to give free arc floorplans to residents to help them renovate or rehab their homes without the cost of hiring an architect. I really want to help people. That’s what drives me.”


Manuel Peña

President and Founder — Peña Architecture and Engineering Corp.


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