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Marc A. Cox

When Marc A Cox was attending Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD, he was shocked by the desolation in many parts of the city. “I thought if I had the means, I would make a difference in these people’s lives,” he remembers. “From that moment on,” he says, “I knew I wanted to be in finance, and I wanted to make a change in communities.”


Twenty-five years after attaining his bachelor’s degree in finance, Marc’s vision has come to life. Today, he’s the CEO of MIOYM, an opportunistic distressed asset investment firm which he founded in 2008. In the 13 years since its launch, the firm, which encompasses five related companies, has grown to include 29 employees across its Rye Brook, N.Y. headquarters.

Marc maintains solid relationships with investors and partners across the MIOYM family of firms as MIOYM specializes in distressed properties and mortgages, including first and second liens, bank-foreclosed real estate-owned assets, and commercial lending


Vertically Integrated, MIOYM family of businesses supports multiple aspects of finance and real estate at all price points from different positions of discipline.


MIOYM Capital lends private funds to investors for commercial use, including investor 1-4, small balance commercial, mixed use, foreign investor loans and more.

MIOYM Homes make first-time homeownership a reality to families who don’t have down payments and marginal credit and allowing them to move into a newly renovated property on a limited occupancy basis so they can ultimately purchase.  In this way, Marc has been able to help nearly 100 families achieve their dreams of home ownership.

MIOYM Equities manages investor capital from institutions, family offices, and qualified accredited investors.  The average ROI for investors has been between 12% and 24% through all types of economic climates.

MIOYM Properties acquires and dispositions undervalued distressed nonperforming mortgages and REO properties in 42 states.

MIOYM Technologies provides software tools using AI to analyze and aggregate, in real time, both on market and off market residential real estate opportunities for fix/flippers across the U.S. Additionally, it gives the real estate investor access to service providers for their fix/flip business.


Marc’s dedication and success in touching lives, generating wealth for investors, and reshaping communities in multiple cities and states, earned him a write-up in The Wall Street Journal in 2019, but for him, the biggest source of inspiration and gratitude comes from his faith. MIOYM is an acronym for “Mirror Image of Your Mind,” a reference to the philosophy of attracting and reflecting goals and dreams. “Anything you focus on is what you’ll attract,” he explains.

“I enjoy working with different segments of the population, from institutions and sophisticated investors to humble families, who just want a home of their own, as well as positively contributing to the re-emergence of a stronger healthier housing and mortgage market.
For Marc, it’s simple: “It’s just about serving others and being a positive influence, as I wanted to make a difference.”


Marc A. Cox