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Director of Innovation, Research & Insights

Marc appears in the Top 100 

Innovators & Entrepreneurs Magazine

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Marc Folch


In addition to a long history of highly successful innovations, Marc has consistently given back to others in the innovation community. Volunteering to advise startups, judge fintech competitions such as UofT’s Fincomp, guide and train high school interns from innovation accelerator The Knowledge Society, co-organize the first ever Canadian Dream Summit, and co-chair the Open Banking Expert Group of the Europe-based Mobey Forum. Bringing deep expertise across leading innovation, product design and business strategy frameworks to help others succeed.


In his role as Director of Innovation, Research and Insights with Interac Corp. (one of Canada’s leading payments brands for over 40 years), Marc has been a driving force for significant innovations in national-scale payments and banking systems that repeatedly predicted major market needs years in advance and unlock major new efficiencies for all parties in the ecosystem big and small. Prior to that, he initiated and led an analytics implementation which improved productivity 10x for that department company-wide. Prior to Interac, Marc led his team in building a system from scratch in just six months to automatically optimize cost and competitively price over 120,000 products globally. His insights have been published in Big Data Magazine, Pymnts Magazine, Payment Cards & Mobile Magazine, and through Harvard Business Publishing.


Marc’s success stems from over 2 decades of research and real world exploration into how successful innovations get created and what separates those that succeed. Along the way, building a broad toolkit of world class Innovation frameworks that have proven very effective in helping structure and guide teams’ thinking towards successful outcomes. Including design thinking, foresight methodologies, behavioral economics, lean canvas, pragmatic marketing, blue ocean, innovation funnel KPIs, strategic fit assessments and many more.  


Marc’s tailored approach to developing strategies and frameworks that truly match companies’ needs and capabilities, while incorporating emerging trends that can be turned into big new opportunities. Identifying and serving unmet market needs in an ever-changing world to create enduring competitive advantages. Marc’s greatest joy is helping teams harness that opportunity. “Businesses constantly need to find new opportunities to stay alive, and new opportunities are always emerging. I love solving hard problems and helping teams make connections that can change the game for them.”



Marc Folch

Director of Innovation, Research & Insights — Interac Corp.


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