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Marc Havercroft

Marc Havercroft is the global chief customer officer for SAP SuccessFactors, American multinational company headquartered in San Francisco, California, providing cloud-based software for human capital management using the Software-as-a-Service model. They are part of SAP AG, the world’s largest enterprise cloud company—providing 95% of the top Fortune 500 companies’ software that supports 80% of global transactions.


The recent expansion of companies going global has led to cloud-based growth as well as to an increase in startups, which are seeking global leaders like Marc who understand both business and technology. “As a leader of leaders, it’s essential to be able to develop and execute market leading strategies, that bring fast growth, and ensure that all stakeholders support my vision of where the business and technology are going,” Marc explains.


Marc is ranked in the top 5% globally of new leaders on the catalyst program for SAP and serves as a member the global leadership team for SAP SuccessFactors. He is responsible for comprehensive corporate and customer strategies to maximize customer acquisition, retention, and growth. He is also accountable for driving digital transformation and business model innovation, efficient operations and sales, and people and product strategies.


Marc utilizes his expertise and record of delivery to benefit the company and to help consumers find success via technology. He is at the forefront of SaaS and advanced technologies. As a respected thought leader in the industry, he shares his knowledge through speaking events, media, and advisory boards.


Now, as the global chief customer officer for SAP SuccessFactors, he is helping firms worldwide get ahead and stay ahead. “Companies that don’t adopt the cloud will not survive. That’s not an opinion. That’s a fact,” Marc says. “We’re here to help them adapt and evolve to succeed now and well into the future.”



Marc Havercroft

Chief Customer Officer, Global

SAP SuccessFactors

North Sydney, NSW

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