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Marc S. Rogers


A football player throughout his school years, Marc S. Rogers assumed he would become a history teacher. But his plans changed when a family friend recruited him into the world of finance. By watching and learning, Marc’s career flourished. He found success in a number of major financial corporations, but eventually made the decision to strike out on his own. Today, he is the founder of Producers Prospect, a boutique financial services firm that offers unique marketing strategies as well as life insurance and annuities products to financial advisors. Led by the motto, “We want to help you prospect (by getting more clients), then produce, then by producing, you will prosper,” Marc is ushering his clients into the future with innovative marketing tools designed to help them succeed.


“There is this massive wave of age change happening in financial services, and I want to be that next generation that brings advisors’ practices up to date.” Marc said. “Many advisors have poor digital footprints, but the fundamentals of boutique and customized marketing can help them increase that footprint, and bring their practice into today’s age.” Going beyond what a typical independent marketing organization (IMO) offers, he is involved in every step of the process, from coaching to consulting to presenting. He is in the trenches and flies across the country to help FAs better market their brand and, in turn, help educate retired Americans or those nearing retirement.


We sat down with Marc to find out more about his background, Producers Prospect’s objectives, and what he feels most distinguishes his company from other IMOs.


Tell us a bit more about how you got started in this business.


Doug McDermott, founder of The Annuity Store and creator of the first indexed annuity, changed my career path from teaching kids history to teaching people about finance. I joined his company because I liked how he ran his business. He was always in the streets, traveling to see the FAs and build relationships with them. I knew early on that’s how I wanted to work, to never lose the face-to-face aspect and always stay in front of clients. After Doug sold his business to Allianz, I joined that company, and for five years, was a top producer. From there, I moved on to Wealth Vest, where I was responsible for over $1 billion of sales. I traveled around the country as a keynote speaker at many of the major broker dealer conferences and talked about ways financial advisors could grow their businesses.


Why did you choose to leave a successful career in the corporate world behind to start your own company.


I saw this major need for the individual FA. There’s a massive transition taking place and a wave of fresh FAs coming into the business. Some of the major companies do not train advisors to become independent. The pandemic definitely transitioned this industry to online, but many advisors are still completely behind the curve when it comes to establishing any type of digital footprint. My goal is to change that and be that person who will take the next wave of financial advisors into the market. I wanted to become a boutique firm for FAs to help them achieve the success they want and, in turn, help more Americans retire comfortably.


How is Producer Prospect different from other independent marketing organizations?


Most IMOs were built in the 90s and are still using the same old marketing plans, but our strategies are more current. We go beyond standard marketing and help clients develop their brand. For example, I created a CRM system that allows us to engage the advisor’s database and reach out to their clients more frequently for them. We have a studio where we bring advisors into to shoot and film content, then we do all the posting for them. We map out an entire customized plan that brings results. We’ll manage live educational events complete with speakers, materials, and brand design, and we are able fill up a room for them. Also, as a national wholesale firm, we provide a variety of life insurance and annuities products for FAs, and because we are independent, we deliver products that are truly unbiased. My company is built by producers, for producers, and I have the experience to know what people need to succeed. 


As a thought leader in the marketplace, Marc contributes relevant content and his articles have been referenced on Fox, CNBC, Market Watch, and Digital Journal.


Marc S. Rogers

Founder — Producers Prospect


LinkedIn: Marc Rogers

Facebook: ProducersProspect

Instagram: ProducersProspect

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