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Marc Sorrentino


As a New Jersey real estate broker for VRI Homes with 15 years of experience, one quality more than any other sets Marc Sorrentino apart from the field—his ultra-aggressive approach. He is relentless in his pursuit to deliver for his clients across the state, and he has done so time and time again. Hence, in the process of doing so Marc has built a well-known reputation for selling incredibly challenging properties with price tags in the multimillions of dollars and a vast statewide following of clients who keep coming back to him. Marc focuses on a diverse range of properties, from those in need of mitigation with the city to distressed properties to single-family homes and apartment buildings. As the adage goes: “Knowledge is power.” And when it comes to the New Jersey real estate market, Marc is an award-winning expert, recipient of Top 10 in NJ Real Estate Agents and Brokers for 2018, 2019, and 2020. From analyzing cap rates or properties, he knows what makes a good and a bad investment.


“I am single-mindedly focused and relentless, and I will not stop until the goal is achieved, which is the selling of the property,” he shares.

Two years ago, Marc formed his own division within the Keyport, New Jersey office of VRI Homes, a family-run real estate company with offices across the state. The diversity of his clients and his expertise is reflected in his current projects. He is leading the leasing of apartment buildings in Trenton and a brand new 144-unit building as well as selling single-family home and an apartment building. While discipline and determination have driven Marc’s success throughout his career, he credits the owner of VRI Homes, Mr. Lawrence Vecchio, and his wife, Patti, for helping him to get where he is today and providing a family environment in which he could thrive. “Larry took me under his wing and has been a great mentor. I wouldn’t be who I am without him taking an interest in my career. I owe him and Patti a great debt of gratitude,” Marc shares.

Marc has always had a passion for real estate, and as one who has always been results oriented and goal oriented, he was determined to succeed. He entered the industry as an investor in residential real estate just as he was graduating from Rutgers College in New Brunswick with highest honors, summa cum laude, and a bachelor’s degree in political science with a minor in history. Marc purchased investment properties in Camden, which grew to a portfolio of over 200 residential and commercial properties. As a licensed New Jersey real estate broker, he quickly proved himself, whether in property leasing or residential and commercial sales. “Dedication, determination, discipline—these are the key attributes that have led me to great success. These are qualities you are born with or you do not have,” Marc explains. “Whatever I do, I’m 100-percent all in.”

In addition to his bachelor’s degree, Marc also holds a master’s degree from NYU in construction and finance. He is currently attending law school at night, working towards the completion of his Juris Doctor degree.



Marc Sorrentino

Real Estate Broker—VRI Homes

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