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Marco Sciarra

Marco Sciarra is an accomplished business leader who has held multiple senior leadership roles within the telecommunications industry.  Over the past two decades he has accumulated vast expertise in the fields of financial management and operation management as they relate to large, global, and complex customer support organizations.  His push for continuous improvement in these fields resulted in significant inroads towards the integration of management control systems, robotic process automation, and artificial intelligence & machine learning (AI/ML) into his strategic approach.  Marco has been recognized for developing highly effective and engaged teams and has been the recipient of top industry awards such as The Pinnacle Award from Blue Prism, a robotic process organization and a global industry award recognizing innovation and process design from NICE. He has also served as a panelist and speaker at industry global events, and is proud to serve in Canada’s leading telecommunications company, which has been the recipient of multiple J.D. Power Wireless Customer Care Performance Awards.


At the onset of his career, Marco’s primary focus was in the areas of cost control and operational performance.  This early experience proved foundational to Marco’s application of data to make better management decisions.   “I’ve been lucky to work closely with some of the best executives in the industry,” says Marco. “They not only had full confidence in my abilities, but they also helped me to sharpen my business acumen through observing and participating in key corporate initiatives.”  As his career progressed Marco took on increasingly critical assignments and was afforded greater autonomy to develop his strategy for coping with complex organization decisions.


Today, Marco holds the title of director operational planning and technology supporting one of the largest client support divisions in Canada.  He is responsible for overall strategy, planning, and execution as it relates to digitizing processes and developing management control systems.  His team has a varied set of internal users for its AI/ML driven operational systems, spanning frontline to senior leadership, and across varied departments such as operations, finance, and human resources.  Marco’s perspective is that this has played an important role in contributing to a sustainable employment environment by helping to promote transparency, fairness, equity, and trust through democratizing access to information within the division.


Marco believes it’s important to strike a balance between partnership with outside technology providers, and a strategic focus on in-house intellectual property development.  Within his team he has promoted diversity of thought by deliberately seeking programmers with a variety of secondary specialties, such as finance, statistics, and business administration.  This agile development team is called upon to learn faster and deliver better results in areas that are most strategic to the organization, primarily the development of real-time telemetry, and forward-decision tools.  Other functions are more appropriately suited to outside support.  The result is a division that serves as an area of competitive advantage for his organization while maintaining a sustainable cost structure.


Marco believes that what made him successful in the financial and operations management arenas is a balance of work and life.  He attributes his greatest pride and highest motivation to his wife Anna, their three children, Adamo, Luca, Matteo, and their lovable pet goldendoodle, Sandy.  In his personal time Marco believes in giving back to his community through competitive coaching and as a youth mentor.



Marco Sciarra

Director Operational Planning and Technology

Bell Canada

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