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Margaret Streicker

Margaret Streicker, the dynamic CEO and founder of Fortitude Capital, LLC, is not your typical business leader. With a spirited entrepreneurial journey that began at the tender age of 8, selling homemade potholders door to door, Margaret's passion for real estate was ignited early. She may have started small, but her dreams were always big.

From her very first summer job to her impressive academic achievements, including a bachelor's degree in architecture and two master's degrees in architecture and real estate development, Margaret's unwavering dedication to the real estate industry has been evident throughout her life. Her commitment extends beyond her own business endeavors; she has been teaching entrepreneurship to graduate students at Columbia University's Real Estate School for the past seven years, shaping the next generation of real estate professionals.


What sets Margaret apart is her boundless enthusiasm for the field of real estate. She thrives on the daily challenges it presents, where creativity, hard work, diligence, construction, development, financial acumen, legal knowledge, people skills, and project management all converge. To Margaret, every day is an opportunity to make something new and exciting happen, even after 25 years in the industry. Her mantra is simple but powerful: "With challenge comes opportunity."

Margaret's passion for giving back to the community is equally impressive. She's not just a successful CEO; she's a trustee of her Temple, a dedicated supporter of multiple charitable organizations, particularly those focused on children's welfare, and has served on the boards of major museums. For Margaret, the responsibility to give back is a core value, one she instills in her four children by leading by example.


One recent accomplishment that Margaret holds dear to her heart is her work with the Boy Scouts of America. Recognizing that the land they were selling was undervalued, she offered to buy it at full market value or step aside if a not-for-profit or government agency would purchase it for land conservation. Her tenacity paid off, and a 501(c)(3) organization bought the land, benefiting both the Boy Scouts and the environment. Margaret's commitment was honored with the dedication of the Streicker Conservation Park, a 10.3-acre park named in her honor—an accolade she never anticipated.

Margaret's involvement extends globally as well. She recently embarked on a solidarity mission to Israel with her Temple, meeting with families of hostages, survivors, influential attorneys, and members of the Israeli parliament.  Bearing witness to the atrocities of the recent attacks there.

As for Fortitude Capital, LLC, it's not just a run-of-the-mill real estate investment company. Margaret's vision has led it to become a multidisciplinary powerhouse that takes an ownership stake in every project it undertakes. Operating across various asset classes, Fortitude has a national presence in six states, with current concentrations in Connecticut and New York.

In a world where success is often measured in profits alone, Margaret Streicker is a breath of fresh air. Her story is not just about business; it's about passion, dedication, and a deep commitment to making the world a better place. Margaret's journey is a modern-day inspiration, reminding us all that success is sweeter when shared with the community, and that true leadership is defined by the positive impact we have on others.


Margaret Streicker
Fortitude Capital, LLC

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