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Mark Barbour

As CEO of Crystal Cure, a licensed producer of Cannabis located in beautiful Shediac Cape, New Brunswick, Mark Barbour leads a unique company that is vertically integrated from “soil to soul."  Having been successful in obtaining cultivation, processing and sales licenses from Health Canada, Mark and his team are excited to bring their product to market. He and his team have spent several years creating and perfecting their own blend of organic living soil which they not only farm their own cannabis in, but offer to amateur and professional customers also for them to use.

The company will offer a variety of cannabis-derived products, farmed only in their own organic living soil (@adonislivingsoil), and will never irradiate their product. What that means for the customer is the flower expresses itself exactly the way it should, naturally. “This blend of soil allows the team to avoid using man-made amendments, which allows the cannabis plant to express itself as it’s meant to be grown. The only thing we add throughout the entire cycle is water.  It’s the closest thing to Mother Nature you can get.”

Mark is a hands-on leader of a small team that embraces the philosophy of “one team, one dream.” In addition to overseeing daily operations, he is involved in the day-to-day work as well, getting his hands deep into the soil, and key business functions such as harvesting, trimming, and packaging. “It’s fun. We’re a small team now, so it’s all hands on deck, and we all wear at least 4 hats. At the same time, we continue to scale up our operations, to not only have serve the Canadian market, but the international medical market also. Doing the hands-on work makes me a stronger individual and leader and keeps me in tune with what my team needs. We say we’re one team, one dream—put titles aside and get done what needs to be done,” he shares.

Mark joined Crystal Cure in 2019, with a background in the cannabis and beverage alcohol space, and 17 years of experience in communications, public relations, and stakeholder engagement. As part of the New Brunswick cannabis implementation team for three years, he worked on building the Cannabis NB retail space which was showcased at the World Cannabis Congress in 2017 as one of the first government retailers to show what a government retail space would look like worldwide. This experience allowed him to, not only gain valuable insight into the cannabis retail landscape, but an understanding of the regulations, laws, and policies, which help him immensely as he leads an exciting cannabis producer poised to change the industry.


Mark Barbour

CEO — Crystal Cure



Instagram: @CrystalCureca

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