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Mark L. Meyer

In 1999, Mark Meyer felt there was something missing in the residential home purchase market, something that could help bring together more companies with compliant, collaborative, win-win business arrangements, while creating a smoother and all-around better homebuying experience. With over two decades of information consulting experience from a career as a business consultant, CEO, COO, and CIO, and a business degree from Southern Methodist University, Mark launched MLinc Solutions to fill the void. Based in Dallas, Texas, MLinc is a nationwide provider of expertise, insight, and innovative solutions to the residential settlement services industry. With over 650 clients nationwide, MLinc is an information consulting leader in providing support for complementary business relationships.  For their innovative solutions, from turn-key tools for affiliated business arrangements and services agreements to its related services valuation offerings, National Mortgage Professional Magazine named MLinc Solutions a Visionary Organization in the mortgage industry. “Everything we do is about helping clients establish strategic relationships that work, in a smart and compliant way. In the process, I love to see the creation of better solutions for consumers and all parties to the transaction,” Mark says.


To this end, Mark created an industry-wide offering for helping residential settlement service providers forge compliant relationships that are a catalyst for improving the homebuying process. MLinc's Affiliated Business Arrangement (ABA) and Services Agreements Solutions and related transformative valuation offerings have brought hundreds of companies the independent expertise and diligence to forge thousands of mutually beneficial business associations that are compliant with the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (“RESPA”). Specifically, MLinc’s tools, templates, and information consulting help clients assess, design, sell, value, set up and verify strategic relationships and agreements. MLinc’s valuation services (e.g., ComplyMSATM, ComplyWSATM, ComplyEventsTM and ComplyOfficeTM) have become an industry standard in helping clients to value and verify services provided by business associates, including marketing activities, web advertising, sponsored events, and office leases, to enhance RESPA compliance.


“All these activities are highly regulated, and we’re here to help companies form relationships in a way that improves the process.” he says. “It’s collaborative, and importantly, it’s compliant with federal regulations. We determine reasonable value for the services that these businesses are performing for one another so that our clients don’t overpay or aren’t overpaid, which is an important requirement for compliance. When properly structured, these agreements and cooperative efforts can lead to positive results for all those involved in the homebuying process.”


At the core of MLinc’s approach is Mark’s mission to support their clients’ business objectives and goals.  He also believes that industry challenges and obstacles can lead to creative solutions and opportunities.  “I’m a firm believer that by working together, companies can overcome difficulties and create solutions that are helpful to all parties involved in a home purchase,” he says.” As a former leader within Centex Corporation, he knows of what he speaks. During his tenure there, Mark ran a leading quality control audit company for the mortgage industry, helped operate the second largest non-bank-owned mortgage originator in the U.S., and directed information systems for one of the largest public home building and construction companies in the country.


Since that time, Mark has developed a proprietary productivity improvement methodology for assessing and implementing business practices that positively influence revenue, expense, throughput, quality, and risk. As the leader of a thriving firm, he continues to develop innovative solutions to benefit professionals in every role of the residential settlement process, from real estate firms to mortgage banks to title insurance companies and others.


A thought leader in the field, Mark has been a guest editorial contributor in a number of publications, including Mortgage Banking Magazine, Real Estate Magazine, RESPRO Magazine, RESPA News, RISMedia Real Estate and The MReport, among others, and he’s a sought-after lecturer and panel participant in many mortgage banking and real estate industry forums. Still, despite the success, what drives him is the accomplishments of the people he serves. “The biggest reward I receive from my work is seeing people and companies improve, become more productive and win.  If MLinc plays even a small role in helping our clients thrive, it gives me great joy,” he says.


Mark L. Meyer

Founder & CEO — MLinc Solutions


Linkedin: Mark L Meyer, MLinc Solutions

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