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Mark Ogden

Mark Ogden, a highly respected figure in the HVAC industry with almost three decades of experience, has dedicated his career to not only mastering his craft, but also fostering deep connections within his community. As the founder and owner of Ogden Mechanical, situated in the heart of Troy, Maine, Mark has solidified his reputation as a dependable professional committed to delivering exceptional service to his clients.


Mark's journey in HVAC began in 1995 under the tutelage of Ron Jenkins at Domestic Refrigeration. During his time there, Mark not only gained hands-on experience in the technical aspects of the trade, but also absorbed invaluable lessons in customer service and business management. Additionally, Mark had the privilege of learning from esteemed technicians Joe Kinney and Jerry Martin, whose mentorship played a significant role in shaping his approach to the industry.

Mark’s decision to venture into entrepreneurship was driven by a profound desire to control his own destiny and uphold the small-town America values of prioritizing personal connections and trust. He believes that success extends beyond mere financial gains or recognition. To Mark, success is rooted in the personal relationships he cultivates with clients, knowing them and their families personally, and actively participating in community endeavors alongside them. With these principles in mind, and armed with a diploma from Eastern Maine Community College and certifications as a Master Oil Burner Technician and EPA Universal Refrigeration Handling, Mark set out on his own and founded Ogden Mechanical in 2019.

Ogden Mechanical is a locally owned heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and refrigeration company that offers sales, service, and installation services throughout Maine. Their core values are founded on Mark's unwavering commitment to ‘customer service.’ “I’ve built every one of my companies based on just those two words,” he shares. “I believe in fostering genuine, personal connections with my clients, where trust and reliability form the foundation of every interaction.” This commitment to building lasting relationships has enabled Ogden Mechanical to not only cultivate a loyal clientele, but set themselves apart through their dedication and expertise, a combination rarely found within their industry.  

What truly sets Mark apart, however, is not just his technical expertise or his insistence on providing outstanding service, but his genuine love for his work. He finds immense joy in the personal connections he forms with clients, as well as the opportunity to support his team. “I thrive in connecting with people. I’m a real ‘people person.’ Engaging in conversations with anyone is something I genuinely enjoy. I never let an opportunity pass to learn and grow, whether it's for myself or for those around me. Working with people has always been my passion, and it's been the cornerstone of everything I do. From managing my property company to running Advanced Generator Solutions, my focus remains on fostering meaningful relationships. The strong reputation I've built in our community is a testament to my dedication to working closely with others, not just my customers, but also my employees, who I consider as part of my extended family.”


Mark Ogden
Ogden Mechanical



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