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Mark R. Basile, Esq.

Law has been part of Mark R. Basile’s entire life. Mr. Basile, a former law professor and now third generation attorney (his son Christopher is 4th generation), represents public companies in financial and securities litigation. In 1968, his father started the firm in Freeport, New York, and worked there until his passing in 2016. His father, who represented ITT and Arthur Anderson as global tax counsel, was a nationally known tax attorney. By that time, Mark had already amassed a considerable career as a legal veteran for over 25 years; a biometrics entrepreneur and the CEO of two public companies. Today, he serves as the firm’s principal attorney, focusing on securities litigation for small public companies in various industries across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. As he leads a thriving practice, Mark brings his clients an extraordinary confluence of expertise and experience that began long ago.


After graduating law school in 1988, Mark started his career at Shea & Gould, then opened his own private practice focusing on Chapter 11 reorganizations. In 1997, Mark pivoted to private industry where he won a Smithsonian Award for advancements in medical technology. During this time, his fellow CEOs came to him for legal advice, ultimately inspiring him to return to his roots and reenter the field of law. Mark’s experience in commerce gives him a unique perspective on both the legal and corporate sides to business law, and he knows how easily smaller companies can fall into bad, even illegal, financial transactions under state and federal laws. As such, his firm is one of the few boutique law firms that focus on public companies that engaged in “toxic” “death-spiral” funding. Just last year, after a seven-year battle in several federal courts, Mark won a landmark case changing the way public companies receive funding. New York’s highest court agreed with him on two issues of state usury law.


As Mark works tirelessly on behalf of his clients, he’s equally committed to nurturing the bright young talent in his office and the emerging legal minds of tomorrow through mentorship and externships for students from area law schools. “It’s very rewarding to see them grow as law students and later, pass the bar exam,” he says. He’s even hired some of them full-time, instilling in them the philosophy that has driven him for decades: “When you help one company, you are helping thousands of shareholders,” he says.


Mark is admitted to several circuit Courts of Appeals and 15 U.S. district courts.


Mark R. Basile, Esq.

Principal Attorney —  The Basile Law Firm, P.C.



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