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Mark Rotstein

In 2012, Mark Rotstein founded Equilibrium Partners Inc. (EQ Partners), a Toronto-based family office with the mission of bringing the same objective, unbiased, and integrated advice and planning, normally reserved for only the uber-wealthy, to a select group of individuals, families and family-owned businesses. Having spent the better part of the previous 20-years working with high-net-worth individuals, Mark recognized a niche in the market for a more holistic approach to those looking for more than a typical bank or financial institution offering.


Assuming the role of “family quarterback,” Mark is part coach and part advisor, helping upwardly mobile families to manage their daily obligations, to anticipate changes, and to help plan for a safe and smooth transition to the next generation. Mark often works alongside his clients’ other professional advisors, but also has access to a deep and diverse network of previously vetted colleagues - accountants, lawyers, insurance professionals and portfolio managers. “We are focused on building long-term relationships, earning our clients’ trust, consistently demonstrating our integrity and transparency, and practicing open communication,” he says.


EQ Partners takes pride in delivering solutions that always serve their clients’ best interests rather than their own. “Our business model is honest and ethical - we sit on your side of the table. We don’t sell any products, we’re not obligated to work with specific providers and we are never compensated for recommendations or referrals,” Mark explains. Through connections and relationships that have been established over time, EQ Partners is quite often able to save clients enough in fees to more than cover the annual retainer. This is in addition to the added value every client receives from customized attention, advice and care.


Mark has a BSC (Honours) degree from the University of Toronto and an MBA degree from the Schulich School of Business at York University. He is a professional member of the Family Firm Institute (FFI), the Institute of Family Enterprise Advisors, and is recognized as a collaborative professional by the Collaborative Practice Institute (CPI).



Mark Rotstein


Equilibrium Partners, Inc.


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