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Marly Broudie

If you could do anything, what would it be? This is the age-old question that changed the trajectory of Marly Broudie’s career. With a background in legal and professional services and a BA in law and society, she began her career as a paralegal and worked for a large litigation firm in the downtown Toronto core. While working closely with a lawyer who was transitioning herself from litigator to director of business development, Marly got a taste of digital marketing process and strategy – and that experience changed the trajectory of Marly’s professional career.

In December 2015, Marly took a major leap and left the legal realm to launch SocialEyes Communications, Inc, with the support and guidance from her husband and now business partner, David Broudie, CSO of SocialEyes.

With the distinctive marriage of marketing strategy and business development, SocialEyes Communications handles virtually every aspect of digital marketing, from social media content creation, ad strategy to SEO and video marketing, all with a tailored approach that ties each client’s unique business objectives with an effective digital strategy. In essence, SocialEyes is an affordable one-stop shop for small to mid-size companies who may not have the resources to hire an internal marketing department.

Marly started SocialEyes Communications as a sole proprietor with just a handful of clients in her first year. Never being one to shy away from a challenge, Marly was about to embark on the second year of her business with four times the client roster and a first child on the way.  With a growing startup and as a new mother, she forged ahead, hiring staff to assist, but never neglecting her goal or abandoning her role.

Today, Marly leads a growing company with a roster of 70+ clients, several full-time and part-time employees, and a growing interest in technology and innovation. Most recently, SocialEyes has expanded into the United States and is looking forward to bringing their skills, proficiencies, and expertise into new markets. With a growing team of talent, Marly recognizes that her business is only as good as its collective team, and so, corporate culture, team development and collaboration remains paramount. 

“I love helping business owners achieve what they believe success looks like,” Marly shares— and this is more than an objective or business acumen to her. Every day, this fearless leader proves what is possible with courage, determination, and a dream.

Marly Broudie

Founder & CEO — SocialEyes Communications, Inc.


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