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Martha Razo


With a dedicated focus on “data-based approach for developing business strategy,” Martha Razo helps take businesses to the next level. She serves as CEO of Guero Pallets, Inc., and co-founder of SOLiX Services, where she creates holistic strategies that include marketing, operations, and finance. “Unfortunately, it is often that companies only look at each part individually, but successful businesses have these three pillars aligned in their strategy and execution,” she explains. With a master’s degree in applied mathematics and over 10 years of experience, Martha is a business multiplier who’s like a golden unicorn in her own right.


As the strategist-in-chief for the clients she serves, Martha makes data-driven decisions that help businesses grow. She also works to understand the unique skill sets of employees and helps implement incentive-based models while helping companies effectively expand their marketing efforts. Her strategies involve teaching them how to better understand clients and their needs. In the financial arena, she analyzes spending and helps companies reduce expenses and costs over time, introducing programs such as QuickBooks and Oracle. For many, Martha is the “hidden figure” launching rockets into the stars. She helped one company expand profit margins from 5% to 35%, even during the midst of a global pandemic. As part of her own master plan, Martha is currently in pursuit of a PhD in industrial engineering with a focus in process mining. “Hard work is not enough, passion is not enough—strategy based on data is the key to success,” she states.


Martha Razo

Co-Founder — SOLiX Services




Instagram: themartha_razo