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Photographer: Philip Macias

Marya Khalil-Otto

In the heart of Hollywood, a bustling beacon of skincare innovation thrives under the thoughtful leadership of Marya Khalil-Otto, the empowering CEO of the Vitality Institute. With an unmatched dedication, Marya orchestrates a symphony of connectivity, not just within the sprawling corridors of her company, but within the very fibers of her being.


Each day, Marya steps into her role with an unwavering commitment to being the embodiment of the ideal employer. This isn't just a title for her; it's a mission. A mission to create an environment where ambition flourishes and the fervor to excel becomes second nature. Her schedule, a dance of meetings, discussions, and decisions, orbits around this mission, ensuring both the company's pulse and her personal ethos are in harmony.


Vitality Institute owes its inception to a personal quest that became a revolutionary legacy. Marya's father, the esteemed Dr. Abdala Khalil, birthed the company from a deeply personal place. The quest to find a cure for Marya's own skin tribulations led him to formulate the VI Peel—a chemical peel solution that transcended skin types and tones. The twist of fate that crowned Marya as the company's torchbearer was one she never anticipated. When the mantle was passed onto her young shoulders a decade ago, she channeled her grief for her departed father into unwavering strength. Now, their signature professional treatments and their clinical skincare line—a paragon of their expertise—has become a staple across over 7,000 offices in the nation.


Marya's journey was far from linear. A journalism and film graduate from NYU, she morphed into a licensed esthetician, skillfully embracing her role in her father's Miami practice years ago. When destiny beckoned her to Los Angeles, she breathed life into her father's legacy, diving headfirst into the enigmatic world of skincare and transforming herself into a polymath of business facets.


The Vitality Institute isn't just about business; it's about a principled commitment to humanity. This ethos echoes through the corridors of the company as they donate 10% of sales to clients' chosen charities and allocate 5% of online sales to organizations like Our House Charity and Saving Innocence, standing stalwart against the menace of human trafficking.


Marya Khalil-Otto
Vitality Institute


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