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Maryanne appears in the Top 100 Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Maryanne McMullen

For Maryanne McMullen, founder and CEO of The Next Music Generation, music is not merely her business; it’s her reason for being. It is a lifelong passion that took her from award-winning musician in her youth to head of a Canadian broadcaster and company that allows artist to have a hands-on approach to managing their own careers through a digital world. As its visionary leader, she has been personally involved with bringing change to the music and entertainment industries. The company serves as a universal hub for the entire music industry through its radio, festivals, streaming, and TV platforms, which include TNMG Television, TNMG Radio, TNMG Podcast Series, One on One, TNMG Communication, Red Hot Reviews, TNMG News, and contests. “I created the business not to make a lot of money, but because it means everything to me. I wanted to bring everything together to support people. I am grateful and ecstatic to be in the position I’m in,” she shares.

Backed by 13 years of provincial government information technology experience, Maryanne founded The Next Music Generation in Toronto in 2015 with the goal to help indie artists and create different workshops to help kids in need. In just her first year of opening the business, Maryanne did a movie premier, and the first major production the company booked into was Stub Hub, providing the main talent on the stage. Since then, the company has taken on a parabolic life of its own, evolving into a talent agency that searches and sources talent for production projects across the globe, provides a platform for musicians to upload and purchase songs, and offers an online job venue that joins artists with production companies looking for talent. In the last six years, The Next Music Generation has been hired for projects in the IT banking world under the PMO, serving BMO Commercial, CIBC Wealth Management, Deloitte Wealth Management, TD Wealth Management, and Scotiabank, Cybersecurity.

The Next Music Generation is currently in the third phase of development for an exciting partnership endeavor with Centennial College and Rotman University—The Next Music Generation Communication, a digital communication platform where people can contact anyone remotely within the music industry, with the goal to get people to sign up and communicate with each other. “What I wanted to do was align the goodness. One key element in the music industry is people don’t trust each other and lack a reliable source they can come to. We’re launching a solution for this problem.” In addition, The Next Music Generation is currently working on building a facility in Miami, Florida, and the company has been nominated for the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Award, whose show airs in December 2020.

Now, The Next Music Generation is fast becoming a household name across the industry, with influential artists mentioning the company and people inspired to use the company’s catchphrase: “TNMG is not selling you a dream, TNMG is living the dream along aside with you.” On the company’s momentum, Maryanne explains, “It is one of those things that was a lucky ticket in the draw, because there are so many businesses that really go after it, and for the past three years, I haven’t struck out. I’ve been very lucky.”

Maryanne holds an MBA and certification in program management. She is also a recognized scrum master and is running for city council in Toronto.


Maryanne McMullen

Founder/CEO — The Next Music Generation Corporation

20 Bay Street, 11th floor

Toronto, ON, Canada

Instagram: thenextmusicgeneration

Facebook: the next music generation

Twitter: thenextmusicgen

Download the Top 100 Canadian Professionals magazine and check out Maryanne's feature on page 47.

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