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MaryBeth Matta


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MaryBeth Matta

MaryBeth Matta is the CEO and founder of the real estate development and consulting company Alodgio. Growing up, she was fascinated to see old buildings rehabilitated and the dramatic impact on city streets and neighborhoods as a result. This childhood interest in urban redevelopment has served as a catalyst for an enduring career in multifamily real estate that’s seen her named to Who’s Who in Multifamily Housing and honored with other industry awards.

In Italian, “alodgio” means housing and rest and MaryBeth's New York-based Alodgio is built on the belief that you can transform lives by providing people with a place to live. For 27 years Alodgio's mission, inspired by that redevelopment process she watched in her own city, has been to be a positive influence on both communities and their residents. “It’s not the buildings themselves, but the people who live in them and the impact a home has on their lives that makes the difference,” she says. She believes that beauty lies not simply in the structures but in the lives she touches through them. “For me, it’s important to meet the people we serve and understand what home means to each person.”


MaryBeth leads a thriving firm that prioritizes deep involvement with the properties the firm develops and with every client for which they provide development services. But it hasn’t been easy as a 100% woman-owned business in a classically male field. She says that she’s guided by a motto that hangs in a frame on her office wall-one that’s helped her succeed and truly defines her: “Either we will find a way, or we will make one.” Literally.



MaryBeth Matta
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