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Masoud Kalantari
& Tim Johnson


Masoud and Tim appear in the Top 100 

Innovators & Entrepreneurs Magazine

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Masoud Kalantari, PhD, P.Eng., and Tim Johnson


Two Brilliant Minds Come Together for One Goal


Masoud Kalantari and Tim Johnson are both passionate leaders in the mechatronics and robotics industry, although they come to it from different backgrounds: the business side and the technical side. After working together at a previous company, they recognized they shared a common goal: to create the top robotics company in North America. With this aim, they combined their strengths and co-founded The Rubic, a pioneering robotics and automation startup in Calgary, Canada, where Masoud, as CEO, takes the lead on business development and problem-solving, and Tim, as CTO, zeroes in on technology and innovation.


Masoud Kalantari—A Leader in Business Development


Over his expansive career at major corporations, Masoud has shown exceptional skills in leadership and business development, along with a unique talent for identifying complex problems and finding effective solutions to deliver remarkable value. His passion lies in the realm of mechatronics and robotics, and his achievements are substantial, including the possession of 10 patents and contributions to 18 publications.


In 2008, Masoud moved to Canada to pursue his PhD in robotics. He commenced his professional journey working in advanced technology development roles, gradually ascending into managerial positions, and eventually taking up crucial leadership responsibilities where he adeptly managed multiple engineering teams. He has also exhibited proficiency in handling an array of projects with an annual budget of $10 million. In past roles, Masoud has been instrumental in transforming a single product line company into a multi-line entity, thereby increasing the company's revenue share. It was during his tenure at a prior firm that Masoud crossed paths with Tim Johnson, the manager of the R&D team.


Tim Johnson—A Leader in Innovations and Design


Tim, an expert in mechatronics design development with a solid 15 years of experience, is widely regarded as a seasoned innovator. His career kicked off at GE, where he was instrumental in engineering advanced geophysical tools for various applications. Following his stint at GE, Tim joined multiple startups and undertook a range of leadership and engineering responsibilities. At one such venture, he was responsible for the development of over 20 individual logging tools.


Tim's journey then led him to NCS, where he joined as a team leader. His exceptional skills and commitment quickly earned him a promotion to the role of R&D manager. Reporting to Masoud, Tim delved into work on advanced mechatronics systems. One of his major accomplishments was the creation of one of the most reliable systems in the energy industry. Tim holds over 25 patents on products that are widely used across numerous enterprises today.


Tim's significant technical accomplishments, his fervor for innovation, and his steadfast dedication to the field of mechatronics have established him as a leader in the industry. These traits certainly caught Masoud's attention, leading to the formation of a strong bond between the two, rooted in mutual interests and shared knowledge.


The Rubic, Freedom Pick, and Lifelong Mission Accomplished


During their tenure at NCS, the onset of COVID spurred Masoud and Tim to pledge to launch their own venture, concentrating on mechatronics development and the logistics sector. They aimed to create a robotic system with the flexibility of a human, able to seamlessly integrate into a functioning facility with lower entry costs. They named their startup The Rubic.


The Rubic is dedicated to crafting innovative solutions for the supply chain industry. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as AI, machine vision, and robotics, The Rubic aspires to revolutionize warehouse management and material handling processes. Their forward-thinking automation strategy addresses labor shortages, space limitations, and the steep costs associated with warehouse space, while simultaneously championing environmental sustainability through responsible supply chain practices. Their game plan involves first gaining ground in the Canadian market, then branching out into the U.S., with the ultimate goal of becoming the preferred provider of automated robotic solutions for North American warehouses.


The most intricate system Masoud and Tim have devised throughout their careers, Freedom Pick, is the robotics system they have built. "Our collective mission has been to create this robot, a sophisticated piece of machinery that we've designed from scratch," states Masoud. Tim adds, "We are truly among the rare retrofit robotic storage and retrieval systems available worldwide. We've engineered a vision-based robotic system that can be deployed rapidly, becoming fully operational within a mere 48-hour period in warehouse operations."



Masoud Kalantari, PhD, P.Eng.

Co-Founder, CEO — The Rubic

Tim Johnson

Co-Founder, CTO – The Rubic



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