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Mathieu appears in the Top 100 

Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Mathieu Girard


Although Mathieu Girard may have traded in his football jersey for a suit and tie, strategy and execution remain the primary focus of daily business. As a center in the Canadian Football League (CFL), his job was to read the defense and apply his team’s best strategy. Today, he does the same thing, but on a much larger, and more technological, playing field.


Mathieu is the senior manager for KPMG Canada and part of the firm’s ServiceNow digital transformation team. He helps, coaches, and guides company leaders all over North America through their digital transformation journey, leveraging ServiceNow as the foundational platform. ServiceNow is a cloud-based service management platform that enables a wide array of business functions, such as IT, HR, finance, legal, and customer operations.


On the football field, Mathieu seamlessly pivoted from directing his offensive line to blocking defense. Today, he brings that same grace and “big picture” vision to effectively implement and transform organization operations. His reputation for delivering tangible changes is seen in his ability to effectively communicate with, and educate, company leaders, while translating his in-depth technical knowledge of the industry. For him, this interaction and relationship, created through his clients’ digital journey, may just be the most important part. “We are digital enablers and trusted advisors,” he says.  “What we do is impactful—it changes how people work and interact.”



Mathieu Girard

Senior Manager — KPMG Canada



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