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Matt appears in the Top 100 People in Real Estate Magazine

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Matt Beck

CEO, Beck Investment Group

After running his own successful California-based real estate investment company for over 25 years, managing a full staff of employees and focusing mainly on acquisitions, Matt Beck decided to make a change. He sold the business to his partner, moved across the country, and set up a new shop in New York City.


Today, Matt is CEO of the Beck Investment Group, a business that he founded in 2018. Based in downtown Manhattan, Matt handles the investments start to finish, which as he explains, “Allows me to ensure that everything is handled properly.” As the CEO, Matt manages the entire scope of the business including marketing, acquisitions, deal source communication, legal communication, sales and operations.


Beck Investment Group provides commercial banks with an exit strategy for non-performing, environmentally distressed, commercial property notes. Beck Investment Group purchases these notes, which are often secured by contaminated or environmentally challenged commercial property. His clients are banks and financial institutions throughout the US. With a fair amount of experience in the industry, Matt is an expert at assisting banks with the disposal of their problem loans.  After purchasing these assets, his goal is to revitalize and remediate, in order for the properties to become fit to occupy and once again add value to the community.


In addition to his professional accomplishments, Matt is passionate about helping and giving back to communities and organizations across the world. He is very active in charitable work, spending his time in Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Haiti, Brazil, and Mexico, working with several causes including, Free Wheelchair Mission, Care Point Ministries, and outreach with Mariners and Bel Air Church.  


Matt Beck

Beck Investment Group

379 W Broadway, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10012

Download the Top Top 100 People in Real Estate Magazine and check out Matt's feature on page 96.

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