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Matt DeLong


Matt DeLong is an entrepreneur at heart, he is no stranger to building businesses. Matt started 14 companies of his own before joining Real Life Trading as CTO in 2019. Focused on enriching lives and giving back, the education company is dedicated to the overall financial and life success of people. As a global education company with offices in the US, Australia, Denmark, and the United Kingdom, Real Life Trading helps people learn how to successfully navigate the stock market with a special emphasis in trading stocks, options, futures, forex, and cryptocurrency. Their offerings include on-demand courses, individual coaching, live events, mentor groups and more. During Matt’s tenure, the company has grown 5x, which can be largely attributed to the automation he’s implemented.


From individuals and teams to companies and computer programs, Matt’s driven by a deep-rooted desire to make a difference in the lives of others. Prior to becoming an investor and part owner of Real Life Trading, he was a valued customer. Now, as someone who specializes in automated stock trading, Matt leverages his knowledge and expertise to inform the next generation. “I mentor clients with a whole life approach to help them scale their growth. This includes mental and physical discipline which impacts their entire life.” he states. “For me, it’s about relationships and making a difference.” To that end, the company’s Real Life Foundation raises money for cancer research and fighting human trafficking, among other causes. 


Matt has been married to Tracey DeLong for 23 years and has two daughters that are 19 and 20 and just released his book, What Entrepreneurs Teach Their Kids.


Matt DeLong

CTO — Real Life Trading


LinkedIn: Matthew DeLong

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