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Matt Hollander

Matt Hollander had been in the financial planning space for 15 years, professionally, but it had always been part of his life. With an analytical turn of mind, he had originally planned to study mechanical engineering, but when he got a job as a bank teller, Matt discovered a passion for finance as well. One that ignited his parabolic rise as the bank’s fastest-promoted person ever—nine promotions in just six months. However, when he was offered a position on their advisory team, Matt realized he’d be happier running his own company rather than working for someone else. He wasted no time making the leap, setting up his own independent practice and reforming one of his father’s old companies, even inspiring his dad to come out of retirement.


Then COVID-19 hit, and everything changed. “The old marketing techniques we were using didn’t work anymore,” Matt recalls. “Face-to-face meetings and dinners weren’t an option.” For advice, he turned to his mentor, Marc Rogers, founder of Producers Prospect, a marketing company focused on educating independent financial advisors on how to scale, modernize, and grow. At the time, Marc was looking to expand his company, and they both soon realized the best course of action was to team up.


Today, at just 29 years old, Matt is the executive vice president of Producers Prospect, teaching financial advisors all over the U.S. how to achieve success through updated practices. Founded in 2021, Producers Prospect already serves 250 clients, and they expect to double that by the end of 2022. Matt developed the company’s CRM system, which shows advisors how to build their brand and reach out to more people, and provides educational content to keep clients up to date on the latest trends. He also builds specialized systems for clients with complex circumstances. And they put their practices to rigorous testing, too, trying out strategies with their own clients via Rogers Financial, so they know exactly what works when introducing these ideas to their advisor clients.


For Matt, the greatest joy is seeing people succeed. “Being able to assist them and put things into works, redo their processes, and watching it all make them successful is very fulfilling,” he says.


Matt Hollander

Executive Vice President  —  Producers Prospect

Instagram: @ProducersProspectMatt

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