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Matt Kallstrom


In the bustling world of corporate America, where profit margins reign supreme, one man dares to dream of a more fulfilling purpose. Meet Matt Kallstrom, founder and CEO of The Global Improvement Group, a visionary leader on a mission to make a significant difference in the world.


Having worked in the corporate grind, Matt realized he wanted to leave a lasting legacy; one that would positively impact the world. In realizing this, Matt created The Carbon Offset Company, later rebranded as The Global Improvement Group, a name that aptly represented their broadening scope. Matt and his team focus on holistic ecosystem restoration, currently, through reforestation efforts worldwide. By planting over 2,300,000 trees as of August 2023, they not only reduced carbon emissions, but also brought about a much-needed economic boost to the communities they worked in, improved water and soil quality, and fostered biodiversity.


The Global Improvement Group's purpose is clear: to align businesses with the planet and make a substantial positive impact. They inspire and enable business leaders to embrace sustainability as a core value and champion environmental responsibility. With a team spread across six countries and partners in over 20 more, the company's reach is truly international. What sets them apart from competitors is their culture and vision. Instead of merely chasing profits, The Global Improvement Group truly cares and are driven by a desire to create a better world. "I bootstrapped this company without PE and VC funds and brought on team members who truly care and actually want to make a huge difference in the world," Matt shares.


As The Global Improvement Group continues to expand, they are exploring new avenues to bring about positive change, including projects to remove plastic from the oceans and provide essential resources like education, clean water, and food to areas in need. In the world of sustainability, where trends come and go, Matt's vision stands firm as a beacon of hope. The Global Improvement Group is not just a company; it's a movement, led by a passionate CEO and a dedicated team, determined to shape a better future for generations to come. Matt challenges all business leaders to take ten minutes to see how easy and impactful it can be to align their business with the planet.


Matt Kallstrom
The Global Improvement Group

Facebook: The Carbon Offset Company
Instagram: @thecarbonoffsetcompany

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