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Matt Stengle

Making the impossible possible. It’s the calling card of First National Bank’s vice president of mortgage lending, Matt Stengle. It’s been his mantra for 21 years, through a career with big banks to a community lender for over a decade. Matt joined the bank in 2017, where he’s responsible for customers in the Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and South Dakota branches, but is able to lend in all states. He works with all types of borrowers and specializes in all types of loans, including construction, jumbo, and correspondent offerings. But it’s Matt’s expertise in true portfolio lending that allows him to get loans approved that other banks can’t or won’t. “I get many calls from lenders that have a borrower who didn’t fit the guidelines of a particular loan. I can do things that they often can’t, and execute it,” he says. “And if people are unfamiliar with true portfolio lending, I’m always happy to talk about it with them.”

This kind of dedication is the hallmark of both Matt and First National Bank, a family-owned community bank with 11 Main Street and rural branches that combines big bank strength with local decision making and hometown involvement. Their in-house underwriting and closing department allows them to turn things quickly and make local decisions right away; whereas other brokers might rely on outside vendors, which takes time. And when homeowners’ dreams are on the line, Matt knows that time is of the essence. “I tell people, ‘I can do everything everyone else can do, and a bit more,’” he says. “And when I’m able to help people get into a new home, it’s a truly an awesome feeling.”

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