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Matthew J. Meyers Sr.

Matthew J. Meyers, Sr., began working in landscaping to pay his way through college in 1993. Ten years later, his passion for the field compelled him to start his first company, The Greenway Group, Inc. which was a full-service landscape maintenance, irrigation and snow removal company for commercial real estate. In 2010, he founded a new company, Alliance Property Services, to serve a broader range of clients. With the mission to become one of the leading facilities management companies in the real estate industry, APS offers an expansive portfolio of services for commercial properties—from snow and ice management, landscape, asphalt and parking lot maintenance and capital improvement projects. Today, APS is a thriving 65-employee company serving 550 clients with about 750 locations across 41 states, including National Chains as well as other publicly traded REITs. With their corporate office in Georgia and offices in New Jersey and Boston, APS plans to expand into the Chicago area soon in response to growing demand. APS is undoubtedly on its way to achieving Matthew’s founding mission.


Alliance Property Service’s clients range considerably in size and scope, from small properties to expansive industrial complexes, but APS excels in managing their clients’ unique needs. In fact, their core ethos is making property management an organically thriving relationship. “If you’re a property manager with 10 locations, you would physically have to call all the landscapers, snow removal, etc., for each location,” he explains. “We bundle all the services and manage them, so the Client has a single point of contact—us. We manage 47 buildings for one Client, and we handle maintenance across all his/her properties, saving them time and money—and frustration.”


All that coordination means that Matthew relies on a talented and dedicated team of employees, who, through Matthew’s hands-on involvement, can navigate and resolve complex issues for the Clients’ benefit. Once, in 2017, after the northeast was buried in 28 inches of snow, the APS Snow Team comprised of Certified Snow Professionals was able get the properties open and cleared within 48 hours to keep their clients open for business. “Snow is not a service everyone can provide and excel at,” he says. “It is by far one of the most strenuous and challenging facilities maintenance services. It requires 24/7 readiness.”


Matthew is extremely delighted in the ten-year growth of his business.  He is currently working on developing proprietary software to help the synergy and flow of the business even more. He is also passionate in creating career longevity for his current employees, but to continue to expand and open new branches. “You have to invest everything back into your company,” Matthew says. “You have to be very passionate and strategic in what you do and how you do it. For me, it is rewarding to see your employees grow, your client expectations are met, and your business has no limits.”


Matthew is also committed to giving back to his community.  He initiated Alliance Together which is a non-profit organization that contributes to national, regional and local causes that affect our employees, clients, service providers and vendors through the relationship with ALLIANCE Property Services. With supporting the Red Cross, Toys for Tots, organizations for adults with disabilities, annual food drives and extreme involvement with the Epilepsy Foundation of Georgia, Matthew believes in being a positive impact in the community he resides.


Member of:  SIMA / Planet / ANLA / NAPA / NAA / PRSM / BOMA / ICSC


Matthew J. Meyers Sr,

Founder — Alliance Property Services



LinkedIn: @matthew-j-meyers-sr

Facebook: @alliancepropertyservices

Twitter: @alliancePropSvc

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