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Matthew Mesick is an entrepreneur, real estate developer, public speaker, and the co-founder and chief financial officer of Park Place Property Group—a firm that specializes in residential redevelopment, purchasing, renovating, and flipping single-family homes on the Northwest side of Chicago, as well as investing in multi-family rental properties.

Mesick focuses on the day-to-day operations of the business, including identifying new acquisitions and raising capital to fund all aspects of the business. Park Place recently acquired a construction company, growing in size to a staff of 75 subcontractors to keep up with the workload of projects as they scale, and to prepare to move into the ground-up new construction space.

A licensed real estate broker in Illinois, Mesick also recently started a real estate brokerage, Cobblestone Realty, which gives their agents leads from the efforts of Park Place’s marketing, and also allows their agents to give cash offers to homeowners to feed the acquisitions side of Park Place. Cobblestone has a great complementary investor-brokerage hybrid business model, which Mesick is looking forward to scaling in 2019.

Mesick was working as an accountant when, after reading, Rich Dad Poor Dad, he decided to pursue real estate investing. What began as a part-time venture in 2012, quickly morphed into something more. Self-educated, he spent his time reading, listening to podcasts, attending investment boot camps and seminars, and networking; all of which further sparked his desire to become a real estate developer. He soon quit his 9-to-5 job and, after closing his first two deals, launched Park Place Property Group.

Mesick’s focus is on quality, which is why he handpicks the best realtors, contractors, architects, and attorneys in the industry to partner with. He is also committed to rehabbing each home so it becomes the nicest in the neighborhood. This includes using top-quality materials and finishes that are on trend and make a house feel like home. Mesick credits his success to hard work and confidence, which he maintains even through the trials and tribulations that all business owners face. A genuine people person, he enjoys inspiring others and sharing his financial expertise with aspiring entrepreneurs. He co-hosts the weekly podcast,  Profits Over Wages (profitoverwages. com), which interviews highly successful business owners and entrepreneurs, detailing their challenges and achievements. The podcast is meant to inspire listeners to break away from the 9-to-5 to start their own businesses as well as to encourage struggling business owners not to give up; struggle is just part of the process.

Mesick also hosts monthly networking events around Chicago, including cashflow game nights, fix-and-flip bus tours, and financial literacy roundtable discussions. Currently, he is developing an online course and coaching program aimed at teaching others how to raise capital for real estate transactions to replicate his success. In the last three years alone, he has raised more than $7 million to fund his real estate deals.

Mesick earned a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from DePaul University. As a student, he received a $20,000 Centennial Scholarship and a $10,000 National Hispanic Institute Scholarship. In his spare time, Mesick enjoys boating on Lake Michigan and attending summer street festivals.  |  |  | FB: /matthewpmesick  |  LI: /matthew-mesick-95847014  |  IG: /matthewmesick  |  |  312-871-9363

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