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Megan Broccoli

Megan Broccoli is the founder and CEO of Voi, a company that’s changing the way corporations manage their vehicle fleets. Founded in 2019, Voi is the only automated violation management solution that simplifies the process of finding and resolving parking, camera, and toll violations across the nation. “The reality is, we all get parking tickets and traffic violations, and I knew there had to be a better way for people to stay on top of this before it even becomes an issue,” she states. The entire process is not only innovative, but also completely automated. “What many people don’t think about is the fact that one fleet could be exposed to hundreds of agencies that all have a different way of reporting their information,” she states. “We take these fragmented systems and homogenize the data so that it’s both readable and actionable.” In doing so, the company effectually creates interoperability between various agencies through software that connects with authorities to track and handle fees, such as tolls, with efficiency and immediacy before they even have the chance to become violations.

Given Voi’s success right out of the gate—immediately turning a profit in its first month—it seems people were just waiting for Megan’s revolutionary idea. Today, the firm’s growing list of clients include commercial enterprises, ride-sharing and rental car companies, and delivery and logistics fleets. It’s no wonder Megan earned a spot on the elite list of Top 30 Miami Female Entrepreneurs and has been featured in Forbes. Prior to launching Voi, Megan worked in the utility scale solar industry for a couple of years after college, which was where the idea for her company was born. “It started as a model to serve individuals years before, but we pivoted to serve companies and businesses,” she shares. It’s safe to say her company has since changed the entire landscape of fleet management, and for the better.

By enabling the ability to monitor an entire fleet of vehicles for parking tickets, speed, red-light and bus camera violations in real time, Voi gives businesses the power to act quickly before a situation escalates, ultimately allowing companies to avoid costly penalties that often include late fees, booting, impounding, and registration holds. The company actively manages toll accounts to ensure an entire fleet is accurately represented with payments that are always up to date. It also works to match every citation to the driver who had the vehicle at the time the violation occurred, making every attempt to hold the driver liable, then transferring the liability within the issuing agency. The end result for Voi clients? Significant savings and invaluable peace of mind. “Our customers see a 30% to 50% decrease in what they were paying for tickets and tolls because we’re proactively dealing with this on their behalf,” she states.

While Voi continues its upward trajectory, Megan’s motivation remains as pure as it was the day the unique vision for the company first emerged. “What drives me is creating efficiencies and making things that people have to deal with every day a bit easier by using technology as a solution in order to simplify their lives and create more peace,” she shares.

Megan has a bachelor’s degree in finance from Florida Atlantic University. She’s currently on the board for Florida Organic Growers where she’s served as president since 2016. 

Megan Broccoli

Founder & CEO — Voi