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Melissa Greenberg

With over a decade of experience in financial services and a career that includes leadership roles at Protocol Capital Management, Cantor Fitzgerald, and Jefferies and Co., Melissa Greenberg joined North Peak Capital as head of investor relations in 2019, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge and expertise and an entrepreneurial spirit.


North Peak Capital is a mission-driven, $1 billion long/short equity alternative asset investment manager based in New York. North Peak applies a private equity approach to public markets and consists of a concentrated, long-biased portfolio of mispriced equities. North Peak typically invests in companies capable of compounding shareholder capital over a multiyear time horizon to deliver superior risk-adjusted, after-tax returns. North Peak has recently contractually committed to donating 50% of its management and performance fees to charity on all incremental capital raised.


Melissa began working with North Peak while working as a director at Protocol Capital Management. “The relationship grew organically as she helped increase assets under management from $17 million of assets to $100 million during that time, and then she joined North Peak full time in 2019.”


Melissa is instrumental in establishing and building personal connections with investors. She also works with potential investors to navigate the due diligence process with other members of the North Peak team. Melissa’s background in hospitality, which she studied at the Hotel School at Cornell University before getting her MBA from Columbia Business School, helps her interact with investors in a way that makes them feel secure, informed, and supported. It also helps that her natural entrepreneurial spirit inspires her to continue help grow the company. “Every day I go to work knowing that my actions will have a direct impact on North Peak’s growth, and I get up every morning excited and looking to do just that,” Melissa says.


Melissa revels in making connections with investors and using her vast network, creative thinking, and analytical skills to overcome roadblocks. “I’m able to connect with people and make sure that they understand that I’m there as an informed resource and am vested in the relationship, and in turn, with those elements, you begin to build trust and all good things happen from there,” she says. But underlying her unshakable work ethic, financial expertise, creativity, and natural empathy for people is her entrepreneurial spirit, and it’s this combination of elements that’s gotten Melissa to where she is today—and that continues to help drive the success of North Peak Capital.


“I’m an entrepreneur at my core,” Melissa says. “I like building things and seeing them grow and flourish, and this gives me the greatest satisfaction.”



Melissa Greenberg

Head of Investor Relations — North Peak Capital  

*Authored by M. Greenberg

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