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Meysa Maleki

As founder of the Toronto family law firm, Maleki Barristers, attorney and accredited mediator, Meysa Maleki holds extensive experience in trials and arbitrations as well as all aspects of separation and high conflict divorce, including complex financial matters and custody litigation. She has served as co-counsel in several notable decisions before the Ontario Court of Appeal and has also worked with two of the most distinguished family lawyers in Canada; Harold Niman and Alfred A. Mamo.  


Meysa’s diverse work experience, including serving as senior policy advisor to Ontario’s former deputy premier, equipped her with a vast knowledge of both the mediation and dispute resolution processes and an in-depth understanding of human nature. Recently, Meysa integrated all the training she received throughout her career and authored, The Conflict Resolution Grail: Awareness, Compassion, and a Negotiator’s Toolbox.


In her book, Meysa introduces the elements of conflict, the sub-conversations, and the skills that are required to resolve conflict effectively. However, her solution goes beyond the latest negotiation techniques, conflict resolution theory, and interpersonal skills of a mediator. Meysa draws upon the strengths of human beings as well as their capacity for compassion and their potential to change their subconscious programming through awareness.


The Conflict Resolution Grail weaves together research from human genetics, evolution, communications theory, neuroscience, world history, psychology, and sociology in order to reframe the reader’s understanding of conflict. Drawing from both Eastern and Western ideologies, Meysa provides an integrated approach to conflict resolution for individuals and for professionals. The book is set to release on June 23, 2020 and is available to purchase through Amazon.


Meysa Maleki

Founding Partner

Maleki Barristers

3080 Yonge Street, Suite 4054

Toronto, Ontario M4N 3N1 Canada




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