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Micah Mruwat

As a successful real estate agent, investor, mentor, business owner and mother of two boys, Micah Mruwat seeks out opportunities, she doesn’t wait for them.

Micah is an experienced broker associate with eXp Realty, where she has worked in numerous capacities for the past five years including roles as Managing Broker and Regional Development Leader. Through her years in the business she has built strong relationships and has expanded her group to over 400 agents beyond the state of Oklahoma, with plans to expand globally.

Along with her husband Mohammad, Micah is also the founder and co-owner of Mruwat Enterprises, a lucrative investment firm and holding company that focuses on residential, commercial and multi-family real estate properties. Micah and her husband rely on the knowledge and experience that they have gained from their years in the industry to focus on expanding their business portfolio.

In addition to their business, they also coach other agents and investors and share their tactics and their philosophy to “Embrace your F.E.A.R.” and maximize your wealth building financial freedom.  They offer a captivating eight week program that offers strategies to agents and investors and those that want to take their business to the next level.  The program provides participants with the tools that they need to successfully expand their net worth. Micah explains that their business is almost completely referral based and adds, “We look to build long term business relationships as opposed to just transactions.  I truly treat my clients as friend and family and I care about what they need.” She explains that one of her biggest goals is to help other agents succeed and increase their production.

Micah is not only focused on advancing her business and career, but also her personal self.  She is an advocate of personal, self development and attends seminars on a regular basis. She has been married to her husband for twelve years and has two sons, ages 7 and 10.  She and her husband are also proud to provide the same guidance and mentoring to her children that they provide to their agents, “We teach them tactics that they don’t teach in school – how to own your own life and work to own your own business.”  As a result, her 10 year old son is becoming certified as one of the youngest John Maxwell coach’s and he also has his own website, thekidshark.com, where he posts inspirational videos and advice. He even walked on fire this year at a Tony Robbins event…

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Micah and her husband are dedicated to giving back to the community and have organized several charitable events. Committed to helping their family, their agents and the community as a whole, Micah and her husband are working on several books, attending industry conferences, and planning numerous speaking engagements to guide people who really want to grow and create a life around their business.


Micah Mruwat

Broker Associate

eXp Realty

Mruwat Enterprises

PO Box 5756

Edmond, OK 73083

LinkedIn: Micah Mruwat

Facebook: Micah Mruwat

Instagram: Micah Mruwat

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