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Michael Angiletta


After a successful banking career of 15 years, having hosted over 10 000 client meetings and generated over 60 million dollars of business, the experience he gained from working at different banks, this left him unfulfilled. Starting at the collections department, this experience has such a profound effect that he ultimately decided to change the course of his career. Once he saw the ramifications of not taking care of one’s finances, Michael knew he wanted to prevent clients from being turned over to the collections department. As a result, he became an account manager, senior account manager and finally a mortgage specialist allowed Michael the opportunity to prevent financial mishaps for banking clients. Today, Michael is the founder and president of Movative Financial Services, where he continues to provide clients with the service and advice they deserve.


Headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Movative was founded in 2016 when Michael set out on his own to start a business. He cultivated the idea of establishing the financial services firm from his experience in the banking sector along with his previous work at his previous cabinet. “I realized one day that people deserve better than the bank, and I can bring the advice and client experience they deserve.” Michael always wanted to work with motivated people, and offer creative solutions, he decided to name his new company Movative, a combination of the words, “motivation” and “creativity.” The firm provides investment recommendations, financial advisory, wealth management, retirement planning, risk management advisement, and insurance services.


As the founder of Movative, Michael holds many responsibilities. One of his primary roles is serving as a group insurance and group annuity plans advisor, which allows him to assist small businesses attract the talent they need to remain competitive within their respective industries. He works closely with business owners by helping them host better discussions with the banks and by assisting them in securing financing via alternative sources, all this included in his standard fees. After his partnership ended at his previous firm, Michael understands the importance of shareholder agreements, working in a team and individual setting, allowing him to provide perspective to small and medium business owners, “It is one thing to know the theory about something, it is something else living it” Michael reflects.


As a financial security advisor, Michael recommends insurance of persons solutions to clients. No matter which role he undertakes, Michael works from the client’s seat and strives to get the most return from the smallest investment, which is why his motto is “Protecting your Health, Wealth, and Happiness!” One of the reasons he likes disability insurance is because few people know how important it is to have. Although it is more difficult for some individuals and families to get approved, Michael is always willing to face the challenges head on for the best interests of his clients.


In fact, it is a minimum standard at Movative for the client to feel important. Michael and his team members utilize technology for more efficiency, but they never sacrifice face-to-face, personal interaction. “Although we have added to our technology stack, I remind our clients, especially the older ones, these optimizations allow us to spend quality time with them instead of behind the computer screen.” In contrast, he genuinely cares about giving clients a positive experience and never fails to take their feelings into consideration. As a result, Michael boasts an extensive list of long-term clients.


Michael is appreciative of his wife Sophie’s support and understanding of the long hours.  She helps keep him grounded, as Michael can get immersed in his work. Luca, 5, and Mia 3 provide much of the motivation, although Luca has said time and time again “Dad, stay home and play with me.” To balance this out, Stella, Michael’s client associate, keeps the office in order, phone answered and the calendar full. He appreciates Stella’s hard work and smile every day. Michael has been known to say, “My clients tell me all the time, we hear Stella’s smile.”


Michael holds a management certificate from Concordia University and is an investment fund representative with Investia Financial Services Inc. He is also a licensed financial security advisor and group insurance and group annuity plans advisor through the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), the organization responsible for financial regulation in Quebec.



Michael Angiletta

Founder and President

Movative Financial Services

6205 Boul Des Grandes-Prairies

Montreal, Quebec H1P 1A5 Canada

Website: http://movative.ca

Instagram: @MichaelAngiletta

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/michaelangiletta