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Michael Armalis

In the dynamic $210 billion insurance restoration industry, Michael Armalis distinguishes himself as a beacon of leadership and expertise, particularly within the roofing sector. His journey from a hands-on project manager to the president of Romans Roofing encapsulates a remarkable trajectory of professional growth and strategic acumen. The evolution of Romans Roofing under his stewardship not only showcases his profound leadership skills but also mirrors the company's dedication to quality, customer satisfaction, and ethical practices.


Under Michael's guidance, Romans Roofing has seen an impressive ascent, concluding his first year with a notable $6.5 million in sales. This achievement is a testament to Michael's strategic foresight and unwavering leadership. With ambitions set high, the company is on track to surpass the $20 million mark in sales by 2024, demonstrating Michael's capacity to steer the company toward exponential growth while maintaining a commitment to integrity and excellence in workmanship. His strategic approach to business, emphasizing ethical practices and quality service, serves as a valuable model for professionals across various industries.


Michael's personal life complements his professional endeavors, painting the picture of a well-rounded individual. As a devoted family man and sports enthusiast, his engagement with life outside the boardroom underscores the importance of balance between professional achievements and personal satisfaction. Holding an Executive MBA, Michael's educational background lays a solid foundation for his business acumen, further enriching his profile as a leader not only focused on financial success but also on making a lasting impact and contributing positively to society.


The growth of Romans Roofing under Michael's leadership is not merely a narrative of financial success but a reflection of a broader impact on the community and the industry at large. His vision extends beyond immediate gains, focusing on building a legacy that upholds ethical standards and fosters positive community engagement.


As Romans Roofing continues to expand its reach, Michael’s journey remains a testament to the transformative power of visionary leadership. His story exemplifies how dedicated, ethical leadership can elevate an organization, impact communities positively, and set new standards within the industry. And, as Romans Roofing gears up for future endeavors, the industry watches keenly, recognizing him as a paradigm of leadership excellence. His unique blend of strategic insight, ethical commitment, and personal integrity positions him as a pivotal figure in the roofing sector, driving Romans Roofing towards new heights of success and influence. Michael's narrative is not just about building roofs; it's about forging a legacy of excellence, integrity, and community engagement that will stand the test of time.


Michael Armalis
Romans Roofing

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