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Michael Cardamone credits his strong family upbringing, his education, his focus, and his dedication to upholding the law with the success of his law firm, Cardamone Law, a specialized boutique law firm that exclusively handles Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation cases for injured workers.


What makes the Cardamone Law Firm unique compared to other law practices is that they solely focus on workers’ compensation cases for injured workers in Pennsylvania. Michael explains, “Our strength is in our simplicity. Our clients know what we do - Work Comp Law 24/7!  I always tell people, if you needed back surgery, would you prefer the surgeon who operates on backs, knees, shoulders, and hips? Or the surgeon who only operates on backs?”

Their focused concentration on the workers compensation industry is how the firm came up with their slogan: Comp? Cardamone!℠


Michael explains how he came up with the idea, “Our trademark tells our story- all we do is Workman’s Comp! I didn’t overthink it. There are so many firms with generic slogans, or overstated promises that they cannot keep.  We wanted something simple and accurate.”

A few years ago, the Pennsylvania Bar Association administered the first certification exam for attorneys in Pennsylvania who wanted to be recognized as “certified specialists” in Pennsylvania Workman’s’ Comp Law, as authorized by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.  Michael admits, “I took the very first exam and passed it, and became re-certified in 2018. To pass the exam, you first had to demonstrate that 50% or more of your practice was dedicated to the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Law, as well as meeting other requirements and taking and passing a written exam.”  This certification gives injured workers a better idea of the firms that are truly experts in the workers’ compensation industry in the state of Pennsylvania.

As the founder and owner of the firm, in addition to practicing law, Michael oversees all business operations for the firm including contacting clients, writing briefs, attending hearings, mediations, and depositions, as well as overseeing the accounting practices and marketing initiatives of the firm. 

Michael gains inspiration from his late father and credits him with setting an admirable example of a living a life that fostered discipline, humor, balance and an appreciation for hard work.  Michael adds, “His work ethic was incredible and he tried to lead by example. My father was a hard working attorney who was the first to graduate college in his family. He became  partner at the well-known Montgomery County Law Firm, Timoney Knox, in the early 80s, and he practiced there until he passed in 2002.”

Michael graduated from Boston College in 1996, with a B.A. in Philosophy and received his J.D. law degree from Villanova University School of Law in 1999.  As soon as he passed the Bar Exam, he started practicing law in the Philadelphia area.  Michael has been named a Pennsylvania Super Lawyer for many years and was also past president of the National Advocates Top 100 Lawyers.  

In his personal time, he enjoys his children, traveling, playing tennis, practicing martial arts, and dining out.


Michael W. Cardamone, Esquire/Certified Pennsylvania Work Comp Attorney

Cardamone Law

Comp? Cardamone!


920 Lenmar Drive, Blue Bell PA, 19422

Firm satellite offices located in Allentown, Lancaster, and Philadelphia

Fax: 1-800-304-2694





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