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Michael Curry

When it comes to reducing the world’s carbon footprint, Michael Curry’s Eco-Friendly Plastic Materials, LLC, is making some major waves. The founder and CEO has been an award-winning research scientist since 2005, and in 2018, he launched the company after having worked almost a decade in the area of biorenewable development. As an associate professor at Tuskegee University’s Department of Chemistry, Michael has been recognized as a Black History Maker in Alabama, where he’s credited with the development of innovations that utilize cellulose to make biodegradable plastics. “When you’re looking at any plant, you’re essentially looking at cellulose, which is very natural and abundant,” he states. “We’ve developed a method for taking the cellulose and making plastic products that are environmentally safe.”

With the aim to replace traditional plastics with a stronger, long-lasting, biodegradable material that can decompose in a much shorter time span, Eco-Friendly Plastic Materials offers multiple services to make a change in the conventional plastic manufacturing industry. Its team of chemical, material, and manufacturing engineering experts and scientists work on eco-friendly plastic research that provides cost-effective and less hazardous solutions for the industry by using natural products. And while the company focuses on helping to revolutionize plastics manufacturing, Michael is equally committed to its impact on diversity, equity, and inclusion in STEM areas as he continues to inform the next generation of talent. And as a STEM Summits Success Scientist of the Year Award nominee and the recipient of the 2021 National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers’s HBCU Pioneer Award, he’s just the leader to do it.

"This whole picture of creating equity, diversity, and inclusion, it’s bringing more views to the table that can create these innovations that can be beneficial to society as a whole—and that’s precisely what we’re doing through our innovations, the development of our team, and the nurturing of emerging entrepreneurial and scientific minds,” he explains.

Michael holds a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry from The University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa, and a B.S. in chemistry from the University of West Alabama.

Michael Curry

Founder & CEO — Eco-Friendly Plastic Materials, LLC

Website: https://epmsustainables.com

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-curry-myprimecareer