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Michael D'Amico

As the owner of D’Amico Law LLC, Michael D’Amico is a personal injury attorney on a mission to assist victims of serious accidents. He is a 31-year-old legal wunderkind who started his first practice straight out of law school and hit the courtroom running, trying a number of courtside and jury trials within his first couple of years. Characteristic of his blue-collar roots, he is a compassionate, caring attorney fiercely committed to fighting for maximum recovery for his clients. “I think I really connect and communicate well with my clients. Because I’m a sole practitioner, I try to take on fewer cases so that I can work closely with my clients and fully understand their stories inside and out. I learned early on that some of the older defense attorneys will do everything they can to try to take advantage of a younger attorney but I make clear from the get-go that my age is not reflective of my capabilities as a lawyer. I have no fear of anybody,” he explains.

A passionate advocate for his clients, Michael brings to bear extensive expertise in the area of personal injury law, including bad faith, unfair insurance practices and complex insurance litigation. His knowledge and negotiation skills have resulted in significant verdicts and settlements, including three six-figure settlements in less than two short years since he opened the new and improved D’Amico Law LLC in 2018. Hailing from a small-town upbringing, his humble beginnings did not portend the success he would achieve as the first lawyer in his family. With a mother who is a gym teacher and a father who works at the water company, hard work and compassion are in Michael’s blue-collar blood. He attended Wesleyan University where he played football and lacrosse before being injured and transferring to UConn and graduating pre-med with a biology degree. He was “this close” to attending medical school when an epiphany changed his path. “I was in the middle of taking the MCAT, dropped my pencil and walked out of the room. I knew it wasn’t for me. At that point, I decided to pursue a career in law. I was always good at debating and arguing so I went to Quinnipiac and gave law school a shot. Coincidentally, I now rely on and use to my advantage my science background when developing my cases and explaining to insurers the severity of my clients’ injuries.”

Michael tutored middle school children and bartended while he pursued his law degree which led to a fortuitous meeting with Nick Nesi, an attorney who would become his mentor and the catalyst for Michael’s first foray into law as a sole practitioner. He opened the Law Office of Michael P. D’Amico straight out of law school, and as his reputation for his legal skills grew, so, too, did the number of cases referred to him. “I had quite a few really solid wins early on. The problem I encountered was pretty ironic—I was bringing in too many clients. The issue with that was I could not keep up with the costs associated with litigating those cases even though I was bartending nights and weekends.” After three years, he left his practice and joined Biller, Sachs, Zito, and LeMoult, where for a year and a half he gained experience in cases involving bad faith and unfair insurances practices. At that time, he felt he’d learned enough to take that and do it his own way, opening up D’Amico Law LLC in 2018.

Michael holds a J.D. from Quinnipiac University School of Law where he received the Distinguished Achievement Award in Lawyer’s Professional Responsibility. In 2019, he started the D’Amico Law Scholarship, which is awarded to a promising senior lacrosse player from Branford High School, his alma mater. He is admitted to practice in Connecticut Superior Court, United States Bankruptcy Court: District of Connecticut, and United States District Court: District of Connecticut.


Michael D’Amico

Owner — D’Amico Law, LLC


112 Hemingway Avenue

East Haven, CT 06512

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-d-amico-b1197368/

Facebook: D'Amico Law, LLC

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